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Logo Descriptions by Juniorfan88
Logo Captures by Juniorfan88

: This company is known for making TV movies particularly on the Syfy Network. This company has existed since 1993.

(2004- 2010?)
Active Entertainment

Logo: We see a dark background. Within the dark background, we see a white light having a wiping horizontal transition effect going left from right showing the company's name "ACTIVE" in a font similar to the Orion Pictures logo that have been used for years and is colored in silver. After the company's main logo is shown, we see the word "ENTERTAINMENT" italicized just below the word "ACTIVE" just show up with white text.

FX/SFX: Just the white light transitioning the letters and word for the word "Active" and Entertainment showing up.

Music/Sounds: The beginning of the film.

Availability: Should be seen on TV films they produced at the time particularly the Syfy movies they help create. Should be on collaboration and public domain DVDs, too.

Editor's Note: None, just looks kinda cheap.