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Logo description by mr3urious, videomaster13 (for the edits)
Editions by: Chowchillah,StephenCezar15, and Edc4
Logo capture and videos courtesy of broadcastDesign, and Mercurialis Logos

1st (known) Logo
ABC In Color" ID (1960's)

Nickname: "Froot Loops"

Logo: Against a black background, six circles come in from the left, colored red, pink, blue, light blue, green, and yellow. They all disappear off to the right except the red, blue, and green circles, which transform into an "A", "B", and "C", respectively, and in the corporate font used for the network. The letters then zoom out a bit and the black area shrinks to a circle, forming the ABC logo against a beige background.

FX/SFX: All 2D animation.

Trivia: The ABC logo was designed by Paul Rand (1914-1996), who is better known for designing the logos for IBM and Westinghouse, among others.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic horn fanfare, sometimes coupled with a man saying "This is an ABC color presentation.". Sometimes, the announcer is not used.

Music/Sounds Variant:
  • There was an earlier version that used an orchestral string fanfare and no announcer.
  • Another version was used, which was a news theme-like orchestra fanfare, with an uplifting finish. This was seen on The Bullwinkle Show.
Availability: Ultra rare/Near extinction . This appeared before network broadcasts of The Bugs Bunny Show, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Bewitched, amongst other color programs ABC aired in the Sixties. The earlier music variant may have been seen on at least ONE episode of The Bugs Bunny Show. Strangely, this is left intact at the beginning on some episodes of The Baron on DVD, in place of the ITC logo.

Editor's Note:The first half of the logo is animated quite smoothly, but the second half with the zoom-out of the logo is somewhat rough. Also, the string variant's music is very poorly played. Despite that, this logo is a favorite of many.