Zombastic Productions, Inc.

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(April 4, 2001; 2007; 2016)
Nicknames: "The (Screaming/Tortured) Skull", "How Not To Take Pepto-Bismol", "The Cheapest Scary Logo of All Time", "Some Choppy Things Are Going On In Outer-Space", "Bismuth Skull"

Logo: On a stock space background, a skull with eyes turns around in a jittery manner until it stares at us. Just before it's done, the screen quickly fades to black before quickly cutting back. A man's arm with a blue shirt and white glove holding a syringe full of pink liquid (likely Pepto-Bismol) appears from the left. He injects the liquid into the skull's left eye. The skull screams, which is done with a disolving fading effect. We then cut to a black background where "ZOMBASTIC" in green appears in a exploding effect. "productions, inc." in pink blurs into place, letter by letter to the right, as "ZOMBASTIC" shines. We then cut back to the space background with the skull still there (albeit yellow-tinted) without the arm, and his mouth is open, completely in shock. The pink liquid is dripping from all of its orifices. The skull blurs incredibly, turning nearly white, and zooms in towards the right side of the screen. The skull then disappears and the screen then fades to white, then cuts to black.

Variant: On Red's Breakfast Experience, the fade-to-black cut doesn't appear.

FX/SFX: The skull turning, that weird fade-to-black cut (like an editing mistake), the skull screaming (the first one is done via a fading effect), the words appearing, the skull zooming.

Music/Sounds: Fast paced Sci-Fi beeps are heard throughout the logo. We first hear a quiet outer space-like theme with a echo-y drumbeat when the skull almost stops vibrating, that ends with a horrifying synth drone when the skull screams "NOOOOHHH, OOOHHH--", abruptly stopping during the appearance of "productions, inc." The skull screams "Ohh, GROOOHAAAAAAOOHHHH!!" when he glows and zooms into the screen.

Music/Sounds Variant: On the 2016 remastered version of Die You Zombie Bastards!, the sci-fi beeps are replaced by a somber piano tune. However the sound effects of the skull are still intact. This sound variant can be seen<a href="https://vimeo.com/170697329" target="_self" title="here">here</a> on Vimeo.

Availability: Seen on Die You Zombie Bastards! (2007) and Red's Breakfast Experience (2001).

Editor's Note:The entire logo is cheaply done. It's been one of those days for you gentlemen, nowhasn'tit? It is definitely one of the cheesiest logos of all time, though it may have been most likely intentional. And asfor both variants, because of the droning synth and the sci-fi sounds in the original, the piano tune in the 2016 version, the skull, and screams, it'll scare most people, in which are probably intentional given the horror theme of their movies. On a side note, the cheapness of the entire logo could lower it for some folks around here.