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Logo description by Wellmart3

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Nicknames: "Killer Snowman", "Snowman of Menace", "The Snowy Menace", "Snowman of Doom"

Logo: We have an animated drawing of a snowman near the house. He smiles even more and turns evil. He starts to hold an axe in his hand. During that, the background becomes black and there is a moon growing behind him. The snowman laughs, and thunder strikes the moon, causing it to turn blood red. When it strikes, it becomes a silhouette. The background shrinks into a white one, and "WINDCHILL FILMS" forms below.

FX/SFX: The animation.

Music/Sounds: Sounds that accompany the logo (jingle bells, laughing, thunder).

Availability: Seen on Candy Stripers, Séance, and Portal.

Editor's Note: The snowman turning evil, overall creepy concept, and sounds will haunt or catch most viewers off-guard. The creepy-looking text and background turning black are not friendly either. However, this logo definitely fits the tone for the company's films.