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Logo: On a blue background, a hippo wearing a headband, sort of, orange and white striped tank top, and orange shorts, stomps in the left side of the screen. He stops, inhales and takes a poses like he's on the diving board. He jumps, and splashes into the water, gone. The water ripples, revealing the hippo's head and the yellow word with black outline, "WIDELOAD." The hippos closes its eyes and wiggles its ears. It closes its eyes again quickly.

FX/SFX: 2D-flash animation.

Music/Sounds: The stomping sound when the hippos jogging, drumroll, and water splashing, rippling, and the gong crashing as the hippo and WIDELOAD logo appear.

Availability: Probably seen onHail to the Chimp, and Guilty Party.

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