What logos do you think need revival?

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Paramount Pictures 1986-2003 , 2002-2011, 1975-1986
United Artists 1994-2000, United Artists 1975-1976
Paramount Feature Presentation
StudioCanal 2003

PBS Kids (All IDs from 1999-2013. They were so colorful and imaginative.)
TAT Communications Company (1980-1982)[So we can find it easier].

DTS 1993: Now hey, that's some cool stuff. Just update the animation.
Georgia Public Television 1988. CGI manages to push to today's standards.
Canal+ Video 1998. Yeah, it's kinda seizure inducing, but it's cool!
The Original WGBH Boston Flash of Doom, because the new one looks too...new.
And how about the Nickelodeon Splat needs to come back, only because the new logo...sucks.
Last but not least, the Fox Television Studios logo with all the thunder and lightning and stuff. Again, because the new logo (fox21) is a piece of Crap.

HBO Feature Presentation (1982-2002) In the word of the Nostalgia Critic: "This may be the greatest thing ever."

1963 Universal logo: I remember it very well, I saw it on the 1977 movie Smokey and the Bandit, Man that was a good movie

Original Film (1999-2004): This logo had a personality. Now it's a cheap and corporate logo.
Nickelodeon (1984-2009): I think everyone can agree that the current logo SUUUUCKS.
Walt Disney Pictures (1985-2006 and 1995-2007): With some updates, these logos could still be used today. I'm not a huge fan of the 2006 logo: it's too long.

The 1971 PBS Logo (Just use CGI)
Columbia Tristar Home Video (1993-2002)

Nickelodeon (1980-1984) Better than that horrid thing that came next.
Orion Pictures (1996-1999) Certainly better by today's standards than the popular one from the '80s.
Paramount (1986-2002) Nice animation that stands the test of time and isn't very excessive.
Screwhorn77: The KLASS! Purple Star. It was pretty lively. Current KLASS! logo could not get any blander.
Viacom(1976-1986) Just use the wigga wigga font with the zooming v on a light blue background and the logo would be. The wigga wigga music as the wigga wigga logo forms and then the 1976 Viacom music when the v zooms.