What logos do you think are relaxing?

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Starry Night Productions: I really like the one that does not include the creepy laugh, since the music and the whole city at night makes it feel dreamy and relaxing, especially when the stars can be seen along with the text.
Hanna-Barbera: The Swirling Star is one that I find relaxing, as I love the music,the whole animationand the many different variations of the logo itself.
Nelvana: I like the "Neon Polar Bear" version, as that is very relaxing to me, especially with the long variant (the polar bear stands).
Paramount: I consider the old CGI mountain logo to be peaceful and relaxing, as the scenery and the lake looks realistic and amazing.
British Television Idents: Have a lot of these that I feel are relaxing, like the old Channel 4 coloured blocks, the first CBBC "retro game" ident, the BBC1 globes, the BBC2 idents, the Thames logo and especially the BBC1 Batman Christmas ident :)
DTS Sonic Landscape" Trailer (1999-2008)
It's Like i'm Feeling that i'm in heaven.

-The first 2 Seven Arts Pictures logos. The first has a nice relaxing tone to it, but the second one is just beautiful.
-DreamWorks Pictures. The music is incredibly nice.

RCA Selectavision- The music's quite relaxing and dreamy.
Curiosity Company (both): I genuinely find the visuals and "music" therapeutic