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DaBigLogoCollector: From my earliest memory in life, dreaming of the Amblin logo, to the BND parodies I found in March 2015, my first 20 years of memories under adulthood featured these great logos.

20th Century Fox
259px|20th Century Fox (1984)
I remember the searchlights doing the "A" touch (where the second light in the back touches the first one) -- I've seen it on The Man From Snowy River (CBS-FOX Video), Romancing The Stone (CBS-FOX Video; VHS cover shows FoxVideo), and Return of The Jedi (TCFHE, '95 P&S/THX release). Then there's the one where the searchlights make an "X" crossover (the first light in the back leans to the right over the second one leaning vertically upward), which I've seen on Predator (CBS-FOX Video); I also have a THX Widescreen series VHS tape of the said film (it appears cropped for widescreen and the colors are sort of different). The fanfare variants I noticed was a weird brass-like one on The Chase (1994) and the Alien 3 one. A re-orchastrated version via JRAF Jingles and chez.com/thx, the '94 & '97 fanfares and the '79 fanfare were some of my favorites. In Summer '09 I started enjoying the '94 fanfare a lot.

THX (1995)
The first time I ever saw Broadway short (VHS version) -- THX itself, really -- was on the 55th Anniversary VHS of Bambi my aunt gave to us. I sat down
watching in the living room with my family and...*WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHOHHHHHHHHH...*--"Digitally mastered for optimal video and audio
performance" appears and I didn't even know what it meant--*OHHHHEEEHEEEEEHHHHEHHH...*---and there it is: THX Digitally Mastered
*EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....* *shine!* I was all weirded out by the Deep Note which was two semitones higher than the original. Some years later, I destroyed the tape because of my THXphobia, but I replaced the tape with a new/sealed copy from eBay that I got for a birthday present in August 2013. Disney Channel's older print of Monsters Inc. plastered Moo Can with Broadway short '95. Newtime.de (aside from nude ads) had a great collection of THX & Dolby logos. Now I wish every movie (particularly with Skywalker Sound) were THX-Certified. Also, the TAP stuff looked cool.

April 2010 brought some interesting parodies of THX to mind: A Very Loud THX logo, the THX Accident (with an imitation Deep Note), THX is loud (I re-
uploaded it), and FamilyGuyFanatic800's how-to on drawing the THX logo. October 2010 brought XIV as an interesting parody, and September '10 the
Santiko's theater policy (reuploaded that too).

268px|CBS-FOX Video (1984, with Dolby Surround bug)
CBS-FOX Video was an interesting logo too, the '84 one specifically. I always expected to hear the '79 fanfare on The Man from Snowy River and Romancing the Stone, where the searchlights cross in what looks like "/\".

Warner Home Video Cheesy Shield - a classic from Free Willy and other tapes. The best quality in THX certification of the logo could be seen on Twister's VHS and LD. I really wish they'd use this for the Home Video ident. As of Summer 2014 I heard a version that someone on YT recorded with a camcorder and I could only hear the deep synth sounds and drums.
283px|20th Television (2013 WS)
20th Television '08 - I wrote in my journal my first sighting of it on Garfield Gets Real when it came on CN. I was hyped. I remember seeing/recording the extended version on Family Guy's syndie print of the Season 11 finale on WPCH without the byline, Nov 26, 2013, and with the byline and 1995 TCFTV fanfare on King of the Hill on Jan 1st, 2009 via [as]. Likewise, on 6/27/09 I saw the 20th Televison Fox logo with the "C" on The Greatest Game Ever Played on WATC 18 and snapshot a picture of this rarity.

Vestron Video - The later variant was a memory from a relative's VHS of Platoon, while the Cheesy V was a memory from the relative's VHS of Natinonal Geographic Video: Iceland River Challange, which I recieved in February 2005. The Cheesy V on a blue background I discovered on Fort Apache The Bronx when I bought it from my local Movie Gallery in Jan '05.

FoxVideo - I used to love the golden logo that appeared on a relative's VHS of Class Action, and I was used to the 1994 one (in 2011 I discovered its real jingle, a cool synth drone, on Star Wars VI '95 Hong Kong LD). In September '04 I discovered the 1995 one on Star Wars V '97 VHS I bought from my local Movie Gallery when it was at Walmart; nice design--so nice in fact that I remember ripping a picture of that logo off of a WS Series Die Hard VHS on display outside of that Movie Gallery. The design with the dark blue clouds on the SW trilogy '95 is a great alternative I wish TCFHE would use again.

Amblin - another obssesion when E.T. obssesed. My earliest memory in my life is a dream where on the TV is the close-up of the moon with lightning and rain, Elliott and E.T. fly by and E.T. sticks his tounge out without looking at me, going "blehhhhh....". Then it faded out and the static Amblin logo appeared with omnious drum/tuba music and I was sucked back into my crib where I slept. I also thought that Elliott was a chicken because of his cape's posistion (Cavis Appythart saying "I don't care if it looks like a chicken on a bicycle" now has a new illistration, huh) The new logo on Jurassic World, however, makes his cape appear less like the wings of a hen. The moon in the logo itself is a common image used everywhere, but I call it the E.T. moon.

Embassy - another favorite logo I saw from a relative's VHS of The Emerald Forest ('87 packaging; label has Nelson logo). I ironed on an image of my then favorite cartoon characters like Tom & Jerry, Calvin and Hobbes, and Peanuts around the Embassy logo (JRAF Jingles and scans of the Emerald VHS cover) onto a Hanes T-Shirt, which I cut out in 2011 when the shirt got too small. I taped the Embassy Communications logo with Coke byline on 227 via TVOne in April '06.
Technicolor (2000)
Technicolor - the logo at the end of Star Wars I VHS tape. The ident of the color company on MGM cartoons. I wish they'd use this logo nowadays, though the following logo using the then current logo was also interesting.

Premiere Video - the logo at the end of Prancer VHS tape. Another interesting synth logo.

Rysher - a favorite in 2008. The city skyline with a nice little snyth jingle and flute "woooo" sound.

Tribune - the extended one often reminds me of a dream or nightmare where, near the end, a fter the cameraman goes by, some silloutette guy falls from the sky toward you screaming until he envelops the screen.

Late Spring of 2009 introduced my interest in King/Phoenix logos, along with later Anchor Bay. and Continental Video.

Late 2010 brought some great logo memories of VID: Alex7777TV's NES & MS-DOS versions, the dramatic TheMCzorro version, TWGLEAD's defeat of the logo, the HWG parody with the maniclal laugh, and RikvUnderground's Super Scary Logo (psh! Yeah, right.) . More came in March 2015 with The Ultimate BND glitch, the Irkle one, Nyan BND, Simpsons and VID, and a very scary VID intro (more of a YTP).

July 2011 introduced my interest in the Quality Video and Chronicle Videocassettes logos from VHS tapes of my relatives.

October 2013 brought some great logo memories when I looked back at the CLG Wiki:
Super Video Productions - A great October '13 memory, made by a groovy jingle.
Screen Time Entertainment - cool, dark blue backgrounds and synth sounds. This is a great design for a TCFHE company.
Pony Canyon - weird, yet entertaining. Seems more like a CGI test than a logo.
Master Arts Video - somewhat creepy, at least if you're in the dark at night, yet really cool snyth drones, plus the "hit" when the fire appears.

As of being a Skywalker Sound fan, the logo of its company, particularly the winged figure and the filmstrip "S S" are of interest too.

February 2015, a new favorite/special logo memory was the new StudioCanal logo (preceding the Rosebud logo, uploaded by Logo Archive). Another was Zombastic Productions, via YeowMcCheeseburger; the screencap I saw looked so cheesy and random that I thought it wasn't even real, though it is. Synth drones sound a little unpleasant yet sort or cool, and the skull screaming caught me off-guard, although if you think hard about it the scream sounds like "NOOOHH! OHHH. ... Ohh, GROOOAAAAAAOWWWWHHH!", sort of lame--faking it--and thus sounding somewhat humorous. I wouldn't say it's a favorite logo, but it sure is memorable - and I'm not really scared of it.

ABC Video 1988-2005ABC Video (Australia) (1988-2005)
BBC Video (1990-1997)BBC Video (1990-1997)
Roadshow Entertainment (1990s)Roadshow Entertainment (1992-)

PolarJack77dna productions paul
Pikachu the Movie (2012)
Wild Brain Productions (2000), B
Nelvana 1996
Nick Jr. Productions (1997)
Nickelodeon (2007) A
Pixar (2008)
Nicktoons Network
Cartoon Network Studios (2004)1999-2008 PBS Kids International Variant
Cartoon Pizza (2001)
CPB (Sesame Street)
Sesame Workshop (Green/Blue)
Decode Entertainment (2001)
Discovery Kids (2000's-2010)
Universal Pictures (1997- )
Spiffy Pictures (2002)
Sony Wonder (2014)
Paper Kite Productions
HiT Entertainment (2001)
Cookie Jar (2004)
Here's some logo that also have been in my childhood but I can't find
  • Westron Woods (1996-present)
  • Ragdoll Limited (2001-present)
  • Schiender's Bakery (2004-present)

Wellmart3's Childhood Logos
<img alt="THX Broadway DVD/VHS" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/3/cZGI4GWvhIA6wB5RVkYfmw131658" title="THX Broadway DVD/VHS"/>
Nick Jr. Productions (1997)
SnowflakesOmega's Childhood Logos
Discovery Communications: This logo came like 90% of the shows that were on my country's Discovery Kids. It plastered lots of logos I would have liked to see, and I was so annoyed.
Walt Disney Pictures (1985 and Pixar)
THX (the Tex logo) - probably the first logo I payed a lot of attention to.
BBC (1997)
PBS (1998)
20th Century Fox
Nine Network Australia (2002)
Cartoon Network

BenIsRandom's childhood logos:
-PBS Kids (1999-2013)[All promos from PBS Kids from 1999 to 2013]
-Sesame Workshop (2000-2011)[The house logo]
-Disney Channel Originals (2002-2009)
-HiT Entertainment (2003-2006)
-DiC Entertainment (2001-2008)
-Gracie Films (2009-)
-It's A Laugh! Productions (2006-)
-Cookie Jar (2004-2014)
-Lyrick Studios (1998-2001)
-Big Idea Entertainment (1997-2006/1998-2006/1999-2014)[Basically most of them]
-Spiffy Pictures (2004-2008;2015-)
-Schneider's Bakery (2004-)
-Weston Woods (1996-)
-Walt Disney Pictures (1985-2006/1995-2006 (Pixar Variant)
-FHE Kids (1998-2005)
-Scholastic Media (2003-/1990-2000)
-DNA Productions (2002-2006)
-O Entertainment (1998-2007)
-Sony Wonder (1995-2006)
-Walt Disney Home Entertainment (2001-2008)

BaltyRaven's childhood logos:

* variant

- Nelvana Limited (1985-2002, 1995-2004, 2001-2004*, 2004-present)
- PBS Kids (1999-2013)
- Cinegroupe (2001-2002)
- Playhouse Disney Original (2003-2011)
- Paramount Pictures (1987-2002, 2002-2011)
- Universal Pictures (1990-1997, 1997-2011)
- Columbia Pictures (1981-1993, 1993-present)
- New Line Cinema (1994-2010)
- Warner Bros. Pictures (1998-present)
- 20th Century Fox (1994-2010)
- Dreamworks SKG (1997-present)
- Tristar Pictures (1984-1993, 1993-present)
- Metro-Goldywn-Mayer (1986-2009)
- Miramax Films (1987-1999, 1998-2008)
- The Weinstein Company (2005-present)
- Walt Disney Pictures (1985-2006, 1995-2007*)
- DisneyToon Studios (2003-2010)
- Pixar Animation Studios (1995-present)
- Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment (2001-2005)
- Sony Wonder (1995-2006)
- Family House Home Entertainment (2000-2005)
- FHE for Kids (1998-2005)
- Lionsgate (2006-2013)
- Artisan Entertainment (1998-2004)
- HBO Kids Video (1997-2000)
- PBS Home Video (2004-2009)
- Warner Home Video (1996-present)
- Decode Entertainment (1998-2007)
- Studio B Productions (2004-2011)
- YTV (1995-2007)
- Dreamworks Animation (2004-2009)
- Amblin Entertainment (1985-2014)
- Paramount Television (1987-2002, 2002-2006)
- Sony Pictures Television (2002-present)
- Screen Gems (1999-present)
- Walt Disney Home Video (1986-2001)
- Walt Disney Home Entertainment (2001-2008)
- Gaumont (2004-2011)
- IFC Films (2002-present)
- Dimension Films (1992-present)
- Castle Rock Entertainment (1989-1994, 1994-present)
- Nick Jr. Productions (1993-2000, 1999-2009, 2005-2009*)
- Noggin Originals (2002-2005)
- Nickelodeon Productions (1996-2007, 2007-2009)
- The N Originals (2002-2007)
- 4Kids Productions (1995-1999)
- Teletoon Originals (1997-2007, 2007-2011)
- Treehouse Originals (1997-2008)
- Blue Sky Studios (2005-2009)
- HiT Entertainment (2001-2006)
- The Lyons Group (1988-1992)
- Lyrick Studios (1998-2001)
- Scholastic Media (1998-2003, 2003-present)
- Moxie Turtle (2006-2008)
- Tom Lynch Company (2003-present)
- Neversoft Entertainment (2007*, 2008-2010)
- Newvideo (2002)
- Weston Woods (1996-present)
- Soup2Nuts (2001-2015)
- Billionfold, Inc. (2004-present)
- United Plankton Pictures (1999-present)
- Klasky Csupo (1998-2008)
- Cartoon Pizza (2001-2011)
- Curious Pictures (1993-2001, 1999-present)
- DNA Productions (2002-2006)
- Cuppa Coffee Animation (1997-2002, 2002-2008)
- Spiffy Pictures (2004-2008;2015-)
- BBC Video (1990-1997)

RysherTPEMan's One-Legged Googly Eyed Childhood Logos!
Nelvana (2004)
Klasky Csupo 2002 - 2.35:1
Sesame Workshop (2000)
Nickelodeon (2007) A
Family Home Entertainment (1984)
Walt Disney Home Video (1986- Red)
Walt Disney Home Video (1984)
Nick Jr. Productions (1997)
Noggin for Nick Jr ID
Teletoon (2001)
Moody Street Kids
Mirage Studios 2006
Murakami-Wolf Dublin (1991)
Murakami-Wolf-Swenson (1992)
Sagan Blob's Logo Memories:
MGM/UA Home Video (Opening, 1993)Columbia-TriStar Home Entertainment 2003
Sony Pictures Television International (2004)Columbia Pictures (1993)
MGM/UA Home Video 1982Vision Home Entertainment (2005)
Warner Bros. Pictures (1992)Walt Disney Television (1998) (16:9)
Walt Disney Pictures (1985)Movieline
Horizon EntertainmentBBC Video 1997
Hanna Barbera Home VideoTurner Entertainment (1989)
Hanna-Barbera (1994)Warner Home Video (Widescreen, 1997)
DreamMechanic's Childhood Memory Logos


Hanna-Barbera - I remember seeing the zooming HB logo at the end of wacky races, along with the comedy all-stars logo as well. I also remember seeing some of the other logos at the end of Scooby-Doo and other shows as well, including the swirling star.

Warner Bros - I mostly saw their home video logo a lot at the start of most of my DVDs, although I now think its overrated. I did see some of the other logos at the end of cartoons as well, mostly the animation one.

MGM - I used the see the logo (mostly the cartoons one) all the time when Tom and Jerry started, which brings back memories becauseI love that show.

Disney - I saw their animation logo when Phineas and Ferb or Gravity Falls ended. Same thing with the television logo as well, and i saw the movie logo on quite a lot of films too.

Some other ones I can remember are seeing the Amblin logo at the end of Roger Rabbit, the ITV logo and their credits, the BBC television idents (which I really like) and many more

1. 20th Century Fox. Admit it, you sing the theme too.
2. Family Home Entertainment. When you saw that paintbrush, you KNEW you were in for a treat.
3. Klasky-Csupo, Robot and Scribble. I was always just weirded out by these.
4, Nickelodeon Bumpers, Various. I remember laying around, watching Legends of the Hidden Temple, and seeing either these or...
5. Stone Stanley: MMM!
6. Warner Home Video, 1989.
7. Paramount/Peanuts Home Video.
8. 4Kids Entertainment, First logo. Great, and now the Pokemon theme song remix is stuck in my head.
9. Warner Home Video, 2000. That THEME.
10. Kids Classics. Gotta love synth.

THX-I Saw this a lot times when i was a kid
MGM/UA Home video (1994)-Now when you saw that logo you where in for a classic
DIC- (1987-2003)

I have a good memory, so there's a few here!!
  • 1997 Universal logo
  • 1990 Universal logo, full 75th Anniversary version (I remember it most from The Jetsons Movieand the 3rd BTTF movie)
  • 1997 TCF logo(I used to hate this and the Columbia logo for some reason, to this day I don't know what it was...)
  • 1993 Columbia logo
  • 1999 Warner Bros logo (especially the Scooby Doo movie variant!)
  • 2004 CTHE logo (I hated this one too when I was little, I love it now- DVD variant for the win!)
  • Dolby "City" logo (I understand my hatred of this one a bit more, the loud sounds, fast moving graphics...)
  • Walt Disney Pictures 1985, 1995 Pixar variant, orange variant (the one from later versions of the lion king etc. with the spark illuminating the rest of the logo)
  • Pixar
  • THX (mostly the Tex ones)
  • 1995 Disney Videos logo (on my old Winnie the Pooh tape and my Toy Story 2 DVD), WDHE "arc" (on 90% of my disney DVDS)
  • Buena Vista Home Entertainment (I remember it best on my Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk cartoon DVDs as well as my Muppet ShowDVDs)
  • Paramount 2002
  • Paramount 1995 (on my Rugrats In Paris DVD- I loved that movie, unfortunately it was the only Rugrats show I had (I didn't, and still don't have cable or satelite)
  • Nickelodeon Movies (the one with the live action man and dog, particularly the French variant from Rugrats in Paris.
  • Paramount DVD (2002)
  • Pickwick "Maze logo" (long version)- I had it on an Old Bear tape when I was little You'd think it would scare me, but I liked it.
  • Jim Henson Home Entertainment (the one on "Swamp Years")
  • HiT Entertainment (The last globe logo, before *shudders* the dancing boxes...)
  • Jim Henson Pictures (I had it on "Buddy" and "Muppets from Space", great logo, classic Muppet style!)
  • Jim Henson Productions, 1993 (on several of my Muppet movies)
  • Muppet Studios (I loved the Muppet Show- And still do!)
  • ABC Video 1995/ABC DVD (of course, growing up in Australia and all...)
  • ABC for Kids clipshow 1992 (I had it on my cousin's old Wiggles tape) 1994 (Most of my ABC Kids stuff...) 1995 "Bee logo" (on my Wiggly Safari DVD, the one with Steve Irwin and quite possibly my favorite Wiggles Video, RIP Steve...)
  • ABC, 2005 (There's More to... OR as I thought of it: "ABCKids is done now! time to watch a video or do something else!")
  • ABC Education (When it was school holidays...)
  • Teletoon Productions 1997 (I vaguely remember it on Atomic Betty and maybe something else...)
  • Atomic productions (1st logo) (Used to love Captain Flamingo)
  • CIC video- with the Paramount and Universal logo in it- I think it was on a Land Before Time tape?
  • Southern Star (On My SkippyDVD and Hi5 tapes and DVDs)
  • Kids Like Us (1995) also from Hi5
  • Warner Home Video 1997 (who doesn't have something with this on it?)
  • Warner Home Video 1985 (I used to hate that cheesy shield on my Pebble and the PenguinTape!)