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Logo description by GoAnimateFan199Pro
Video capture courtesy of Jason Borchardt
Complied by HolyHalibut35

Background: Wehrenberg Theatres is a movie theater chain (as a matter of fact, the oldest theater chain in the US) in the Midwest United States with 15 theaters around Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.


Nicknames: "A Look Back at Wehrenberg Theatres' Past", "Wehrenberg Theatres' History", "Great 100 Years of Wehrenberg"

<iframe align="right" height="148" src="http://wikifoundrytools.com/wiki/closinglogos/widget/unknown/6ae68981cdcae73bb153d2ef0901ccb534da44db" width="262"></iframe>Logo: We start off on a sepia background, with a 1900's-style border. The text "Wehrenberg", in a translucent style, zooms in and fades out. A photo of Wehrenberg Theaters from 1911 shows up, with the text "1911" engraved on the photo. It later slides to the left to reveal another photo of Wehrenberg, this time from 1925. We suddenly zoom in with a bright blue flash of light. The light dims. We see 6 canes, a hat, and a filmreel, set on a blue-green gradient background. The background then turns green-black. We then see a black-and-white photo of a Plymouth car plus 2 men in 1930. We zoom in and see tapping shoes, as well as trumpets, set on a green-tinted 1930 photo of a stage theatre with the text "Cinderella" on it. Then we see 8 women taking their hats off for an acting pose. Then we fade to a purple-tinted background, with a red 50's-style car, parked at "Ronnie's Drive-in Theatre". Right next to the car, we see "Admit One" tickets; one yellow, one orange. A 1999 photo of Wehrenberg's concession stand flies in to the screen, with the famous Wehrenberg logo. Right next to that, we see the following:


"Ronnies" is seen in cursive, "20" is seen in a classic font, and "Cine" is seen in a plain Arial font. Another flash occurs, and the photo flies away. We see the famous Hollywood text, right behind a current-day Wehrenberg Theater, showing the famous W, and "GALAXY", set one on top of another. Ahead of that, we see a Director's Chair and a lighting set. The WEHRENBERG text zooms in. Another flash occurs. We zoom out of a film projector. While that happens, the Fred's Drive-in, IMAX, Dolby Digital, and Wehrenberg Mega Screen logos zoom out, and the text "ENTERTAINMENT EXCELLENCE" fades in. Below that is the text "since 1906". The famous W zooms in and fades out. 2 more replicas zoom in, causing another flash. On a golden Wehrenberg filmreel background, we zoom out of the Wehrenberg crown. The W and 2 film-reels form the logo. The background fades out. Inside the film, "est. 1906" fades in. The "WEHRENBERG THEATRES" logo print wipes in, followed by "CELEBRATING OVER 100 YEARS". Finally, "FEATURE PRESENTATION" wipes over the 100 centennial text.

Trivia: The car used in this logo is a Chevrolet Bel Air.

FX/SFX: There is a breathtaking array of special effects used in the logo including professional CGI and smooth transitions. The logo looks even better when you watch it in an actual Wehrenberg Theater.

Music/Sounds: The music in the logo switches from early 1900s jazz to a dramatic, uplifting number with a choir and, for some reason, has the word "Wehrenberg" constantly whispered near the end of it.

Availability: Depending on where you live, the availability can range from common to ultra rare. This logo has a unique situation, as the only way to see it first hand and not on the internet is by directly going to one of the 15 theaters which can only be found in 4 different U.S. states.

Editor's Note: None.