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Logo descriptions by SnowflakesOmega and RarityLand

Background: Vivid Entertainment Group is an American pornographic film production company, featuring a catalog of VHS and DVD titles and internet content. It has been estimated to be the top adult entertainment company.

1st Logo
Nickname: "Kissing Silhouettes"

Logo: Over a marble background, we see two silhouettes of a bald couple. The silhouettes then get closer to each other and kiss, but suddenly, the silhouettes quickly transform into a script V, which then thickens and turns metallic and blue. The V rotates to face the top as the rest of the logo script gets to be revealed, actually being "Vivid", which then zooms back and stops. A red chalk underline then writes in below. The metallic "VIDEO" then flashes in near the underline, and "Vivid" also flashes. The logo shines.

FX/SFX: Pretty neat animation, actually. But the movement of the couple and transformation seems really tacky.

Music/Sounds: A gentle string theme, which then builds up into a pounding rock theme. A male announcer then says "You're watching a Vivid feature presentation".

Music/Sounds Variant: DVD TBA

Availability: Can be seen on porn tapes released by Vivid. It can also, strangely be seen on some Vivid releases on 3DO, mainly those of the FMV kind.

Editor's Note: None.