Vision Scape Interactive

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Logo description by Thisisanswer
Logo captures by CokeFan12
Video capture courtesy of retrovgm


Nicknames: "Clown from Hell", "The Other Clown from Hell", "View Askew's Cousin", "Balloon Animals", "Balloon Eye", "The Tattoo Maker Who Lost His Sanity"

Logo: On a black background, there is a freaky clown standing in a spotlight, thinking about something. He gets an idea and gets a green balloon, which he blows up and makes a balloon dog. He drops the dog, which for some reason becomes alive, and gets a red balloon which he also blows up and he makes a balloon rabbit. He drops the rabbit, which also becomes alive, and gets a blue balloon. He then makes it into a abstract eye symbol, with 3 large eyelashes. We zoom into it as "Vision Scape Interactive" appears with blur effects below as the clown is defocused by camera.

FX/SFX: The clown making the balloons, the text blurring in.

Music/Sounds: A slightly melancholy, horn section circus theme with sounds corresponding to the animation, the balloon dog barking, and the clown chuckling at the end of the logo.

Extremely rare. Seen on SeaBlade, The Land Before Time: Great Valley Racing Adventure and X-Bladez Inline Skater.

Editor's Note: None.