Video Rondo (Poland)

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Compiled by RarityLand


NOTE: The logo is seen in the minute 0:34

Logo: On a gray background, we see the Polish words on top "SPOLKA HANDLOWO-USLUGOWA", with the yellow rectangle with the words inside "V I D E O RONDO" with "V I D E O" covered in lines. Underneath the rectangle is "GDYNIA UL-POMORSKA 38" and the red ribbon with the words in white inside "tel-20-98-87". We see the box revealing the circle with sort of a curve triangle without a bottom part a few times (It resembles the logo of Dutch outfit RCV). We cut to the words "PO ZAKONCZENIU PROJEKCJI FILMU" with the blue rectangle with the word inside "NOWOSCI" and the red rectangle "REKLAMA". The box transition us to the blue background with the gray letter "f" with the same "V I D E O RONDO" logo from before inside with the yellow script "zaprasza na film". We cut to black.

FX/SFX: The box revealing, the cut, and the box transitioning.

Music/Sounds: Synth 80s pop with a Polish announcer.

Availability: Rare. Spotted on Polish B-movies of the time and VHS releases from this company.

Editor's Note: None.