Stay Tuned After the Program Bumpers (VHS)

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Background Idea: Stay Tuned After the Program Bumpers, also called Stay Tuned After the Show, Stay Tuned After the Movie, or Join Us after the Feature Bumpers are Logos reminding the viewer of the film that some content will show up after the Program they're watching (whether it's a show or Movie, you'll get something like "Be Sure to Join Us After the Film for a Special Feature!" or "Please Stay Tuned for Special Messages Following this Presentation"). On tapes from Walt Disney Home Video, STATP Bumpers are usually followed (in the case of The 1991 Lilac FP, or the 1992 Black-Blue FP, OR The Late 1999 Filmreel FP) by, OR Part of (In the case of the 1994 Flashbang FP) Feature Presentation Bumpers, which announce to people that their wanted film will begin. Now, Several Film companies have Stay Tuned Screens. Lyrick Studios, Universal, & Big Idea have some. Yes, STATP Logos will sometimes have a scare factor, it's ensured to happen... Here are examples of STATP Logos.

Warner Home Video:

Scary Scooby Doo LogoStay Tuned Following This Program (1998)
Logo: On a cordovan background with glasses, searchlights, & yellow outline sketches of Velma from Scooby-Doo, we see the text "STAY TUNED FOR A SPECIAL TRAILER FOLLOWING THIS PROGRAM!" This bumper was primarily used on Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island.

Variant: On some Scooby-Doo Tapes, this will have a teal/olive green ghostly Background. The text will read "STAY TUNED FOR A BONUS CARTOON FROM (Cartoon Network Logo) RIGHT AFTER SCOOBY DOO"

SFX/FX: None

Music/Sounds: None except for an announcer (who sounds like Grant Goodeve, the voice actor of Fox O'Donnel from the <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Nintendo</a> StarFox Games, & also the voiceover artist for the 1989 Gold Disney Feature Presentation Bumper) saying "Stay Tuned For A Special Trailer Following this Program!" But the variant has a Warner Bros. Announcer saying "Check Out a Bonus Cartoon from Cartoon Network Coming Up, Right After Scooby-Doo."

Availability: Only on some Scooby Doo Tapes from WHV, but The Primary One is only on Scooby-Doo On Zombie Island.

Scare Factor: None to Low, some may be frightened by the not-so-friendly sounding announcer & silence. Also, the font may look pretty menacing, but it's normally Okay.

Big Idea Productions:

Please Stay Tuned After the Show (1999)
Logo: On a yellow background, we see Larry the cucumber upside-down. Next to him is the blue text "Please stay tuned for more trailers after the show".

Music/Sounds: None

SFX/FX: None

Availability: Rare for the most part, but it was seen on the 1999 Lyrick Studios copies of the <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Veggietales</a> episodes, Very Silly Songs! and Josh & The Big Wall! Most <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Veggietales</a> tapes have the Lyrick Studios Screen (Listed Below) instead.

Scare Factor: None to Minimal, Larry's stare as well as the text can at least surprise some, but it's otherwise fairly good.

Lyrick Studios:

1st Logo
Please Stay Tuned Following This Presentation (1998)
Logo: On a background with the Lyrick Studios Logo floating by, we have a screen with the white text "Please stay tuned following this presentation for previews of other Lyrick Studios Home Videos".

Music/Sounds: The last two notes of the 1998 Lyrick Studios Music with an announcer saying "Please stay tuned following this presentation for previews of other Lyrick Studios home videos."

SFX/FX: The Background moving

Availability: As of now, uncommon. It was seen on some Wishbone and Veggietales releases from Lyrick Studios.

Scare Factor: None to Low. The announcer and music may catch some off guard, but it's otherwise tame.

2nd Logo (Wishbone)

Logo: On the Wishbone intro's background, we see the dog Wishbone looking at us at the lower left corner and the text "Please stay tuned following this presentation for previews of other Lyrick home videos." at the top.

Trivia: This is based on the show's custom "Viewers Like You" bumper.

FX/SFX: The background moving. Wishbone himself is live action.

Music/Sounds: Wishbone saying "HELLOOO! Please stay tuned following this presentation for previews of other Lyrick home videos."

Availability: Seen on Wishbone's Dog Days of the West.

Scare Factor: None.

Paramount Home Entertainment:

1st Logo
Stay Tuned After the Feature (Paramount)
Logo: On the background of the Paramount Home Video FBI warning, we see an announcement asking viewers to stay tuned after the movie.

Variant: The image above provides a screenshot of both known variants.

SFX/FX: None

Music/Sounds: None

Availabilty: Rare. So far, it's been found on the 1993 VHS of Silver (The one on the left), and the 1994 VHS of Searching For Bobby Fischer (The one on the right).

Scare Factor: None to Minimal.

2nd Logo
Stay Tuned After the Movie (Paramount)
Nickname(s): "Stay Tuned For Perumount", "Stay Tuned for Paramountain"

Logo: One a blue version of the background of the 1986 Paramount Pictures Logo, the white text "STAY TUNED FOR A SPECIAL PRESENTATION AFTER THE MOVIE" zooms out to the center of the screen, then shines, giving off rays of light.

SFX/FX: The words zooming out and shining

Music/Sounds: Two seconds of silence, then an announcer says "Stay Tuned, for a special presentation, after the movie."

Availability: So Far, it has been seen on the VHS Copies of Blue's Big Musical Movie, Rugrats In Paris: The Movie, and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

Scare Factor: None to Minimal, the announcer may catch some off guard, but it's otherwise harmless.