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Background: Software Toolworks was originally a software developer and publisher, which merged into Mindscape in 1994. Before 1986, in was named Software Country.


Nickname: "Software Country"
Software Toolworks (1994)Software Toolworks (1994)

Logo: We see an old-styled wooden wagon, full of two diskettes (black and blue), with a farmer sitting and driving a horse. The wagon is placed on a line. Under that line, there are words "THE SOFTWARE TOOLWORKS", with the first and last letters being a bit larger, and a line under middle the letters. The word "Presents" appears below.

  • On MegaRace for 3DO, the logo is gold-plated.
  • On Mario's Time Machine, the wagon is loaded with clocks.
  • Earliest games from the company have to the leftand a CD in the wagon, but it's unknown if any games contain this variant.
  • On Mario is Missing for PC, Mario is seen peeking through a hole in the black 5¼ floppy.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Common. It's seen on such games like Evasive Action, Star Wars Chess, MegaRace, and others.

Editor's Note: None.