Slaughterhouse Entertainment

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Logo description by RarityLand
Editions by naxo-ole and GoAnimateFan199Pro
Photo capture by naxo-ole
Video capture courtesy of MachineryNoise

Background: Slaughterhouse Entertainment is Wally Koz's film studio that was solely founded to create the 1988 shot-on video film 555.


Logo: In the distance, the logo spins counter-clockwise from slow to fast and zooms in to a close-up. The logo consists of a skeleton behind a cylinder (which is shorter than the skeleton) on the white vertical oval with a thin red outline. The skeleton's right arm that's over the top circle of the cylinder is supported by a cane. The top circle of the cylinder reads:

And in the center of the cylinder we see a B&W drawing of a house (with a barn next to the house) with a leafless tree and a cat in front of it.

FX/SFX: Limited 3D spinning animation.

Music/Sounds: An extremely spooky synthesized organ theme that ends with a woman screaming in horror.

Availability: Ultra rare. Only seen on the 1988 shot-on-video movie 555 (the company's only production).

Editor's Note: The screaming, the skeleton and the drawing inside the cylinder can scare a number of people, however it's very cheesy and fitting for the company's genre.