Simon & Schuster Video

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Logo description by indycar
Editions by indycar
Logo capture by snelfu

Simon & Schuster Video

Logo: On an orange marble background, we see the tan text "Simon&Schuster" scroll up from the bottom of the screen, and rest in the upper middle. Once it does so, it turns into a brighter embossed color. This is followed by "V I D E O" scrolling up as well, resting a space or two underneath "Simon&Schuster" and doing the same thing. Finally, two bars, one thin and the other thick, scroll up and rest in between the two lines of text.

FX/SFX: The text scrolling up and changing colors.

Music/Sounds: A nice synthesized piano theme. This was later changed to a different version performed in a lower pitch on an electric piano (though there is an alternate version done in the original pitch).

Availability: Very rare. It can likely be seen on home media releases from the company during the time frame.

Editor's Note: None.