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Logo description and captures by Eric S.
Video captures courtesy of Peakpasha

Background: Originally known as Shapiro Entertainment until late 1987 or early-to-mid 1988, this label was started by producer Leonard Shapiro and director James Glickenhaus to distribute low-budget action and horror films. Producer Allan M. Solomon served as the Executive Vice President, until 1996 when he and Elliot Solomon founded Amsell Entertainment, which bought this company out. As of 2011, the rights to SGE titles are now in the hands of a company called North American Pictures, LLC (which is not to be confused with Lloyd Simandl's outfit of the same name), which is speculated to have been formed after the death of Allan M. Solomon in 2010.

1st Logo (As Shapiro Entertainment)

Shapiro Entertainment (1984) - In-Credit

Logo: On a dark blue background, we see the gray stylized segmented letters SEC with a gold light protruding behind the logo. On the top, we see A above and on the bottom SHAPIRO ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION and below that Release.

FX/SFX: None.

Variant: Some films would just have the white SEC logo in print form on a plain black background with A SHAPIRO ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION RELEASE below.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on The Instructor, Door to Door, The Fix, and Gallavants.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo (As Shapiro Glickenhaus Entertainment)
(1988-July 21, 1995)

Logo: We start watching a brown background, then we zoom out faster, and the brown background reveals a building which looks like a filmstrip. Now the background is blue, and at the left of the building there is a silhouette of a palm tree. When we stop zooming out, a big sun fades behind the two objects, and at the right of the building, the letters "SGE" on a square Orion-like font, fades in. Under all the objects, the letters "SHAPIRO GLICKENHAUS ENTERTAINMENT" on a very narrow font, fades in.

FX/SFX: The extreme zooming out, the fading of the things. Pretty animation, actually.

Variants: On some later releases on tapes from MCA/Universal, an "also from" variant appears. A still variant appears on trailers for films from this company. At the end of Tough and Deadly, there is an in-credit variant.

Music/Sounds: Completely silent, though the logo does have music on Tough and Deadly. On Ring of Steel, background noise from the film can be heard playing over the logo.

Availability: Can still be seen on movies produced by this company, such as Basket Case 2-3, Frankenhooker (Including the Synapse Films Blu-Ray), One Man Force, Forced March, Back in Action, Tough and Deadly, Tiger Claws, Talons of the Eagle, TC 2000, How U Like Me Now (VHS only), Ring of Steel, Blue Vengeance, McBain, Timemaster, Red Scorpion 1-2 (The Alliance Atlantis VHS of RS2 uses the August Entertainment logo instead), No Retreat, No Surrender 2, Midnight Edition, The Outfit, Monolith, Mr. Write (at least on the original VHS and Laserdisc release; DVDs strangely use the Vision International logo instead), Slaughter of the Innocents (Including the Synapse Films Blu-Ray), Death Spa (some international prints, particularly the Japanese VHS of said film), Freakshow (1989), Search and Destroy (1988), The Brain (1988) (on international prints), Mob War, the 1995 MCA Universal Home Video re-edited version of Freddie as F.R.O.7 (titled Freddie the Frog in this version) and Maniac Cop, among others. It is preserved on Echo Bridge's DVD releases of Shocktroop and The Outfit. On the Synapse Films DVDs of Basket Case 2 and Maniac Cop, this logo was removed entirely.

Editor's Note: None. This logo should be fine for everybody.