Seven Times Productions (Pakistan)

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1st Logo

Seven Times Productions (2006)<iframe align="bottom" frameborder="0" height="230" src="" width="407"></iframe>

Nicknames: "Explosion in the House", "Explosion from Hell", "Pakistan's Answer to MultivisionVideo and Collideascope Digital Productions"

Logo: We see a door slowly opening. We then zoom into a Mosque-like house, where we see the house's door (not the same one from the beginning) that opens to reveal an explosion that releases the company name in Urdu.

FX/SFX: The doors opening, the explosion, and the text forming.

Music/Sounds: A man speaking in Urdu, then an explosion sound effect.

Availability: Only seen on Dilbarey.

Editor's Note: This logo can be viewed as scary due to the deterioration of the Film, The animation which is unpleasant, The chanting and the loud explosion Sound at the end. This logo is also considered by a lot of people to be very cheap.