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Here is the full list of the companies that have at least one seizure-inducing logo, not recommended for those who are prone to epilepsy. Please, if you find one, add to the list. At the moment there are 95 companies with 106 logos:

-ABC Movie Intros: 9th Logo
-Canal+ (France): 3rd and 6th Logos (Flashing Variant for 6th Logo)
-Canal+ Video (France): 2nd Logo
-Cartoon Network Games: Normal and later variants
-Ear Booker Productions: Normal variant
-Edward Small Productions: Distorted variant
-Elastic (Spain): 2nd Logo
-Evolution Media: 1st Logo
-IMAX Corporation: 1st Logo
-Kanal 5 (Sweden): Dance Ident
-KWSU: 1st Logo
-MTV Films: 7th Logo
-MTV ID's: "Scary Chinese Halloween" ID
-Myers's Rum Video Network ID's: Flashing/Zooming, Labels, Beverages II, Flashing II, Flashing III, Baseball, and Fish Bar IDs
-New Line Cinema: 1st Logo
-Nexoft: 1st Logo
-Nintendo: 3rd Logo**
-Nickelodeon IDs: Pinchface ID
-PBS Kids: 9th Logo
-PFFR Productions: 1st Logo
-Rhino Home Video: 2nd Logo
-Rockstar North: 3rd Logo
-TBS IDs: The New TBS ID
-TBS Productions: 5th Logo
-Tele Monte Carlo (Monaco): 2nd Logo (French)/1st logo (Italian)
-Time-Life Video: 2nd Logo
-Trouble (UK): 2nd Logo
-VPRO (Netherlands): 1st Logo, Flashing VPRO, Indian VPRO, Dots, Flashing Stars, Blurry VPRO, and Melting VPRO variants
-Vue Cinemas (UK)
-Wild Brain Entertainment: 2nd Logo, Poochini's Yard variant
-WWF: 7th Logo

* This logo has the same animation as IMAX Corporation 1st Logo.
** This logo has the same animation as the 1st Nexoft logo.