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Logo captures by mr3urious
Editions by mr3urious, RetroWeezer95, zman1997 and TeamLogo

Background: The Dreamcast was the last video game console produced by Sega, released in 1998 in Japan and 1999 in North America. After the failure and major mismanagement of the Sega Saturn, Sega attempted to reverse many of their mistakes with their next console. The console's general hardware was designed to be powerful but also easy to develop, and was made with off-the-shelf parts, cutting prohibitive costs. The console also had a new mainline Sonic game released for it, Sonic Adventure, as well as 15 other launch titles, and was the first video game console to come with built-in internet capabilities. Despite a successful American launch, interest for the Dreamcast waned as soon as the PlayStation 2 (which remains the highest-selling console of all-time) hit the scene. After poor sales, limited third-party support and a change in leadership, the console was discontinued only 3 years after its original launch, and Sega quit the console market for good. However, despite its short life, the Dreamcast is seen as one of the best consoles of all time by many, still maintaining a large fanbase after its discontinuation and being known for a wide variety of acclaimed games, as well as being ahead of its time in many ways. Games were still being developed and officially released for the console as late as 2007.

1st Logo
Sega Dreamcast - CLG WikiSega Dreamcast - CLG WikiSega Dreamcast - CLG Wiki

Nickname: "The Dreamcast Swirl"

: On a white background, a red dot bounces in from the right side of the screen and begins forming a red 3D swirl. At first, the swirl is formed going inward and outward at the same time, but it finishes going inward first. The swirl revolves around as it forms. It then leaps back as the words "Dreamcast" in black with blue sides backflip in below it and quickly land letter by letter as they all become 2D images and the swirl's shadow disappears.

Variant: For PAL consoles intended for sale in Europe and Australia, the swirl is blue. This is because of trademark issues with Tivola, who used a red swirl in their logo years before the Dreamcast used a similar one.

FX/SFX: The swirl forming and letters back-flipping.

Music/Sounds: A glissando of dreamy synthesized chimes, followed by a 12-note synth theme that ends in a flourish.

Availability: Only used as a prototype logo before the Dreamcast was available for commercial use. The development consoles have this logo

Editor's Note: On the European variant, the "Dreamcast" letters suddenly appears before they backflip rather than coming in from offscreen. However, this might have been due to the fact that this was a prototype logo.

2nd Logo
(November 27, 1998-March 31, 2001 [end of production], March 8, 2007 [last game])
Sega Dreamcast - CLG WikiSega Dreamcast - CLG Wiki
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Nickname: "The Dreamcast Swirl II", "PLAYTIME IS OVERRRRRR!"

: On a white background, we see a red dot coming from the left of the screen. Then it "bounces" forming the word "Dreamcast" letter by letter. The trademark "TM" symbol forms with the "t" in Dreamcast. After the word is completely formed, the red dot forms a red swirl above "Dreamcast", inward to outward.

  • A blue swirl appears on PAL consoles in a similar fashion to the previous logo.
  • If you turn on a Dreamcast while the disc cover is open, a still version of the completed logo appears.
FX/SFX: The words "Dreamcast" and the red swirl being formed.

Music/Sounds: A dreamy synth chord with a dreamy synth note played in reverse as the dot drops down. When it bounces, a series of waterdrop-like sounds are played to the formation of the letters, along with a synthesized cymbal crescendo. When the orange swirl forms, two drumbeat-like synth sounds are heard.

Availability: Appears when you turn on a Sega Dreamcast system.

Editor's Note: A favorite among Sega fans. The red swirl version is shown on the Sega Films logo.