SLR Productions (Australia)

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Logo descriptions by Grig2007

1st logo

Logo: On the white background, we see the dog that have green circle with "S" in his mouth. Other circles (with "L" and "R" and "PRODUCTIONS" text) is seen. The dog taking circle out of his mouth, making it read like this:
Dog barks once.

FX/SFX: The animation.

Music/Sounds: None/closing theme to the show, or rather boing and dog barking/just dog barking (playing over the closing theme sometimes).

Availablity: Common. Seen on Guess How Much I Love You. In-credit version was seen on Gasp!. Also seen on Captain Flinn And The Pirate Dinosaurs.

Scare Factor: None. Dog is so cute.

2nd logo

Logo: We see 2 hands playing on drum-like thing. Then, hands transforms into "SLR" in same colors and font as before with "PRODUCTIONS" (also in same font) below.

FX/SFX: See above.

Music/Sounds: Bongo/synth theme.

Availablity: Seen on SLR showreel and I Got a Rocket!

Scare Factor: See above.