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Logo description by bigladiesman

Background: Based in Barcelona, this distributor worked essentially with independent B-movie companies. They were the official distributors of Carolco in Spain for a short period of time.

(Late 1980s-Mid 1990s)

Record Vision (Late 1980s-Mid 1990s)Record Pictures (Late 1980s-Mid 1990s)
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Logo: This logo is divided in two different parts.
  • Part 1: On a black background, two light blue horizontal lines appear from the left and right side of the screen and merge together. The resulting line then splits in two, and both lines move towards the top and the bottom of the screen, leaving a blue background after them. Outlined white letters appear sliding from left to right, forming the words "RECORD VISION", which are filled in white (sliding in the opposite way). An interlined "SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA" appears below the logo, and two horizontal orange lines slide form the left and right sides of the screen, placing themselves on both sides of the logo. "Presenta", in a handwritten light blue font, writes itself at the bottom of the logo. Once the voice-over finishes, the music abruptly stops, and a "side-splitting" transition leaves place to another plain black background.
  • Part 2: On the background to the left of the preceding part, a set of green lines zoom out while spinning, revealing itself to be a New World-like "sliced" sphere. It places itself on the middle part of the screen as two sets of green letters with a white outline - R, E, and C sliding from the left, R and D from the right - forming the word "RECORD". "Pictures" fades in below in a fancy handwritten font, and an horizontal line slides from the left, underlining the logo and finishing it.

FX/SFX: Typical mid '80s 2D computer animation.

  • Part 1: It starts with a timpani roll and follows with a bombastic horn fanfare, which is abruptly stopped. A voice-over (same announcer in the Filmax logos, Constantino Romero, who is very famous in Spain for his work) says "Record Visión presenta...".
  • Part 2: Starts with a whoosh for the zoom out part, follows with another drum roll, a mellow horn sting, a closing door-like sound for the appearance of "presenta", and a whoosh for the underlining. The voice-over from the first part continues with "Una producción en exclusiva para Record Pictures" ("An exclusive production for Record Pictures").
Availability: Extremely rare; can be found on Spanish VHS tapes from the era.

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