Realtime Associates, Inc.

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1st Logo
(1986- )
The Lyons Group/Realtime Associates (1993)Nickelodeon/Realtime Associates (1993)

Logo: Not really a logo, but merely a text saying "Developed by Realtime Associates (Inc.)".

FX/SFX: None really.

Music/Sounds: Silence.

Availability: Can be seen on many games such as AAAHH!!! Real Monsters, Barney's Hide and Seek Game, NHL Hockey, Quest for the Shaven Yak starring Ren Hoëk & Stimpy, Warlock and many more.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo

Nickname: "The Living Room"

Logo: We see a black rectangle containing the multicolored text "realtime associates" . The rectangle is situated
above a living room (possibly from the intro of the game).Realtime Associates (1994)

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Only seen on Normy's Beach Babe-o-Rama for Sega Genesis.

Editor's Note: None.

3rd Logo

Logo: Against the black background we see a dark red rectangle with the red stripes above and below the rectangle. Over it is a large letter "R", which was
Realtime Associates, Inc. (1994) almost cut-out. Under it are the words, "REALTIME associates INC" in stacked lines with "REALTIME" in the first line inside the red stripe with a dark red circle around the "R", "associates" in the second line on the white stripe and "INC" spaced-out in the third line on the dark red stripe.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None. The game's title theme on the Genesis version.

Availability: It normally doesn't appear any games it developed through the era. However, it only appears on Warlock when you entered a hidden code via Game Genie or Pro Action Replay on the game. It replaces the LJN and Trimark logos on the SNES version and replaces the options menu on the Genesis version, unless the code is turned off.

Editor's Note: None.

(1995- )
Realtime Asscoiates (1996)Realtime Associates (1999) (Charlie Blast's Territory)Realtime Associates (1997) (HQ)Realtime Associates (1999) (Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt)Realtime Associates (1996)
Realtime Associates (1995, Still Version)Realtime Associates (1995) (B&W)Realtime Associates (1999) (8-bit)

Nickname: "Letter-Headed Men"

Logo: On a peach background, we see many humans and animals hurrying across the space, each having the plate with letter instead of his head. A giraffe with a yellow plate with "R" on it, running with a person wearing a pink outfit with blue pants with a blue-green plate with "e" with eyelashes above it with it's red shadow behind it, riding the giraffe behind then gets of a giraffe and stands while the giraffe sits down, a orange dog jumping wiggling it's tail with a tan plate with "A" on it has an eye and teeth on it, an orange four-legged chair sliding in from the bottom and the woman wearing a green dress with a blue plate with "L" on it, falls from the top and sits on it, a person wearing the red outfit with white polka-dots carrying her purse with a purple plate with "T" on it coming from the elevator and walking, a person wearing a blue shirt with an orange plate with "i" on it, jumpin in from the right doing back flips and then the orange star bounces in landing on the top of the plate, before he stands on one leg, the football player wearing red shorts and white shows with a pink plate with "m" on it running then kicks and stands still, and a person wearing a blue striped shirt and a hat hanging on the green plate with "e" on it, sliding through and them comes back and hangs on to it while. All plates are different design and the characters take their places in various positions, forming the word "ReALTime", while "ASSoCiaTES, INC." made in comic font, slides in from the left and right respectively and collapse below on the bottom right of the logo..

Variants: There are many color variants, as well as still versions.
  • The logo sometimes takes place on a white background.
  • Charlie Blast's Territory for N64 has a blue background.
  • Magic the Gathering: Battlemage for PSX has a coffee background with stars.
  • Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt for N64 is the same, but has the emboss and spot light effects.
  • On NBA Live '97 for Sega Saturn, the logo is animated on a basketball. Also, the camera zooms into the logo. Then we pan into the ground and the credits starts rolling. This appears when credits is selected from the main menu.

FX/SFX: The characters moving, then the company name collapsing below.

Music/Sounds: The noise made by characters - thuds and snaps, similar to a wooden board knocking the floor. Then the forming word produces something like a spring sound.

Music/Sounds Variants:
  • On games mentioned below, it's silent.
  • On NBA Live '97 for Sega Saturn, we hear people chanting "Realtime", instead of the native logo sounds.

Availability: Common. It was first seen on the Game Boy and Game Gear versions of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Frank Thomas' Big Hurt Baseball. The animated standard version didn't debut until the release of Bug Too! for Sega Saturn. It also can be seen on Re-Mission. Also appears on Sega Saturn version of NBA Live '97 in the credits FMV as well.

Editor's Note: None.