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Logo description and captures by Logophile

QMI Television (1988)QMI Television (1989)QMI Television
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Logo: On a purple and white gradient background, a three-dimensional "O" comes rolling and bouncing towards the screen as a yellow rectangle flies in from the bottom right and merges with the "O". The hole inside disappears as it turns into a blue "Q". The "Q" turns around and bounces down to the ground as it leans upwards towards the right. The camera then eases back as shadows appear underneath as well as a trademark "™". Below "QMI Television" fades in below with the byline "A Division Of Quantum Media, Inc."

  • Copyright info might appear underneath in the lower left, reading "© (YEAR) QMI Productions, Inc." with the year either appearing numerical or in Roman numerals. In the case of the latter, the text is wider.
  • For Morton Downey shows distributed by MCA TV, the 1974 MCA TV logo would iris in from the hole of the "Q".

FX/SFX: The bouncing "O" and the rectangle merging, the company name, byline and copyright info fading in. The "Q" animation is hand-drawn.

Music/Sounds: Electronic 80s style drum-beats, perfectly in-sync with the animation. The closing theme to the program was also used. Pictionary had the announcer saying the company name.

Availability: Extinct. Appeared on The Morton Downey, Jr. Show and Pictionary, neither which have been reran since their cancellations.