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Logo description by StephenCezar15 and Gilblitz112
Editions by indycar

Background: Peter Rodgers Organization (PRO) is a television syndication company, based in Hollywood, California. It distributes more than 2,000 films, documentaries and television series to global markets. PRO claims to hold the largest library of films of any non-studio distributor. It was founded in 1976 by Peter S. Rodgers, who left National Telefilm Associates to form this company. Since his death in 1988, his son Stephen Rodgers has served as the CEO of this company.

Video of the new music, click <a href="" target="_self">here</a>.
Video of the original music, click <a href="" target="_self">here</a>.

Nicknames: "The Spinning Reel", " The Flipping Reel"

Logo: An object that looks like a film reel is rapidly spinning clockwise and zooming towards the screen on a white background. After it stops spinning, the object shifts up to make room for the company name "PETER RODGERS ORGANIZATION" with Peter Rodgers stacked on top of Organization and then "WORLDWIDE TELEVISION DISTRIBUTION" stacked below. The film reel appears to have brush strokes around it to emphasize that the logo spins. Also, three of the circles in the film reel are colored, in which one circle is green with a P in it, a red circle with an R in it and a blue circle with an O in it.

Variant: There's a short version that starts when the reel shifts up to make room for the company name.

FX/SFX: The film reel spinning and the film reel shifting up to make room for the company name.

  • Original Version: A rapid synthesized warbling (which sounds like helicopter rotor blades spinning), getting louder as the logo gets closer to the screen, followed by a sub-bass 110hz sine wave hum when the logo stops spinning.
  • New Version: Sometimes, a synthesized build-up is heard, accompanied by a soft crash as the logo stops zooming.
Music/Sounds Variants:
  • Sometimes, it's silent.
  • At the beginning of Me-TV's print of the movie Beginning of the End, this logo has the Wheel of Fortune theme song playing over it.

Availability: The original version is rare now, but the new version is common. It can be seen on recent prints of programs that it distributes, such as Hopalong Cassidy, The Rifleman, The Bill Cosby Show, Movin' On, The Saint and I Spy, as well as older cable prints of Killer's Kiss and newer cable prints of Hopalong Cassidy movies.

Editor's Note:This logo was somewhat notable for PRO itself taking down YouTube videos with it.