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Background: Palladium Interactive was a PC software developer that operated in the 1990s, whose main focus was mainly on children's software and home productivity products. In 1998. the company was bought out by The Learning Company and shut down.

Palladium Interactive - CLG Wiki

: On a black background, a purple CD-ROM flies and spins down from the top of the screen. As it lands, a red figure wearing a crown and sticking its arms out fades onto the disc. The figure takes off its crown, then does a pose as if it were receiving an award at the Academy Awards. Then, it raises its crown into the air as radar signals fly out from the crown and yellow sparks shoot out from the purple disc. "PALLADIUM INTERACTIVE", stacked with "INTERACTIVE" much smaller, fades underneath the finished product, and the logo becomes a solid 2D image, with the CD-ROM now just a circle with another circle in the middle. Everything fades out but the crown, which then disappears with a star.

FX/SFX: Nicely-done 2D animation.

: A weird synth sound as the disc flies down, then a "shining" sound as the red figure appears and an audience applause as it bows. Several telephone beeps and warps are heard as the sparks and radars appear, and it ends with some weird beeping sounds and a calm synth note.

Availability: Rare. Appeared on software from the company, such as Wishbone games, Tattoo Time and Ultimate Family Tree.

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