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Logo capture by mr3urious
Video by PalaceRoadshow

Background: Publishing and Broadcasting Video (not to be confused with the Australian media company Publishing and Broadcasting Limited) is an Australian video company founded in 1982 that released videos in Australia and New Zealand under several labels, eight, to be exact. They were later renamed Communications and Entertainment Limited (CEL) in 1984. The company as a whole went bankrupt in subsequent years.

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Logo: After the animated warning screen, we fade in to a space background. A giant box with the PBV logo (consisting of a turquoise-green metallic rounded rectangle with "PBV" in a typewriter font inside it) zooms in very quickly, with stars sparkling. Then, it fades into the second logo for Star Video. After a logo is finished animating, the box turns (like a trilon) to show the next logo being animated. After the last logo, we cut to black or the next screen. Here's the list of the logos that animate inside the box:
  1. Star Video's 2nd logo
  2. Embassy Home Entertainment's "Big E in Video" logo
  3. Australian Video
  4. Film World Festival (with "since 1983" on it)
  5. Playaround Video
  6. The Storytime Collection
  7. Muppet Home Video's international logo
  8. MGM/UA Home Video's 1983 logo

Variant: On some releases, the box zooms out, but quickly zooms back to reveal one of its animated logos again. An example is with Embassy Home Entertainment (at this time, it is unknown other companies, such as Star Video, Playaround Video, etc. did this, too).

FX/SFX: The box animating, with its logos inside.

Music/Sounds/Voice-over: A triumphant synthesized orchestra fanfare. Also has the voice of Ken Sparkes (longtime announcer for the Nine Network) saying "The home video force in entertainment, Publishing and Broadcasting Video, distributor of the labels Star Video... Embassy Home Entertainment... Australian Video... Film World Festival... Playaround Video... The Storytime Collection... Muppet Home Video... and MGM/UA Home Video!". On Embassy's releases (at least), he includes, "...bring you a special preview of home video releases, from 'the big E in video', Embassy Home Entertainment!".

Availability: Seen on several old Australian PAL VHS and Betamax video cassettes, most commonly released by the Australian division of Embassy Home Entertainment, which was a subsidiary of PBV. One tape that had this logo was Final Exam.

Editor's Note:
The 2D "rotations" of a supposed 3D box looks more like the successive logos are being wiped on from the right, crushing the previous logo into a smaller and smaller space until it completely disappears.