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  • Ominous version: The camera moves through clouds to reveal a desert surface. The camera moves quickly around a tree that is seen on one of the dunes but with a big distance, and a box outline appears around the tree as the sky turns quickly into night with a moon. "DarkLot" is seen above the box with "ENTERTAINMENT" below. The leaves on the tree suddenly change into bats that fly off.
  • Normal version: The box takes a smaller part of the screen, "Odd" replaces "Dark" and the logo remains in the day.
Variant: On The Spirit, the DarkLot variant is shown but with "Dark" replaced by "Odd".

FX/SFX: The camera/box movement. The leaf transformation on the ominous variant.

Music/Sounds: A humming theme with a single bell, a thunder sound when the leaves transform, bats squeaking, and a creak. It's just merely the humming for the normal version.

Availability: The peaceful version is common and can be seen on Green Street, Draft Day, From Prada to Nada and Suburban Girl, among others. The DarkLot version used to be more common but is nowadays rather rare, and only appeared on Buried Alive, Undead or Alive and Living Hell.

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