Nightmare-only Rated Logos

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This is a list of logos rated as nightmare ONLY (not in a range of minimal to nightmare, low to nightmare, medium to nightmare, or high to nightmare).

This list details which variants are rated as nightmare. There are 27 companies with 41 logos rated as nightmare ONLY:

-Adult Swim ID's: Long Pork and Nitty Gritty ID's
-A.K.A. Cartoon (Canada): 2nd Logo (Ed, Edd n Eddy's Boo-Haw Haw variant)
-Bravo (UK): 3rd Logo (Most of the 1997 variants)
-Dwarakish Chitra (India):Singaporenalli Raja Kulla variant
-Ear Booker Productions: Original Version
-Fabrica (Italy): Original Variant
-Horror Channel IDs (UK): Dead Angel ID
-Murghan Enterprise (India): (Original Variant)
-National Arts (India): 1st Logo (Opening variant)
-Ramsay Productions: 2nd logo (Andhera variant)
-Rangeela Productions (Pakistan): 1st logo (Regular Variant)
-Regal Entertainment, Inc. (Philippines): 2nd Logo (Sgt. Clarin: Bala Para Sa Ulo Mo Variant)
-Renaissance Pictures: 2nd Logo (warp speed variant)
-Teletoon IDs (Canada): Night Planet Baby ID (Original and Sound Only Variants)
-2nd Trailer (VCD variant)
-19th Trailer (60 Second Eclipse Variant)
-TV3 (Ireland): 4th logo (Horror variant)
-1st Logo (Original, standard L-Club, and April Fools' Day L-Club variants)
-6th Logo.