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Logo description by V of Doom and indycar
Logo captures by Eric S. and snelfu
Editions by Mr. Logo Lord
Video capture courtesy of ChadODell

Background: National Telefilm Associates Home Entertainment was the home media unit of National Telefilm Associates (now "CBS Television Studios"). In 1985, it became Republic Pictures Home Video after NTA purchased the rights to the Republic Pictures name and logo (they actually already owned most of Republic's library). Currently, Olive Films (under license from Paramount Home Media Distribution) owns home media rights to most of the films that this company released (although some have remained with Paramount, such as It's a Wonderful Life), while CBS Home Entertainment (with distribution handled by Paramount) owns the video rights to the television programs.

<img align="bottom" alt="NTA Home Entertainment (1984-1986)" height="195" src="" title="NTA Home Entertainment (1984-1986)" width="260"/><img align="bottom" alt="NTA Home Entertainment" height="195" src="" title="NTA Home Entertainment" width="261"/>
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Nickname: “Outlines”

Logo: On a background consisting of black on top and blue on bottom, outlined versions of the National Telefilm Associates logo zoom out, one-by-one, each outline coming in after a split-second. When all zoom out, a flash occurs, making “NTA” silver, and “HOME ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS” appears below.

Trivia: The logo was later reused by National Telefilm Associates for their 1984 logo, with "presents" appearing under "NTA" after a freeze-frame technique removes "HOME ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS" or just "HOME ENTERTAINMENT".

FX/SFX: The outlines zooming out.

Music/Sounds: None, but on some releases, the 1968 Commonwealth United jingle would be preserved as this logo as it would plaster the NTA logos on its film prints.

Availability: Extremely rare. Seen on older home media releases of Republic Pictures films and Paramount Cartoons.

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