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Logo description by mr3urious and 19Joshua

1st Logo

<img align="right" alt="National Geographic Video (Late '80s-????)" height="225" src="" title="National Geographic Video (Late '80s-????)" width="300"/>
Logo: On a black background, parts of the yellow rectangle in National Geographic's logo zooms out at an angle, followed by the words "NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC VIDEO" arranged vertically. They stop at the top of the inner part of the rectangle.

FX/SFX: The rectangle and words zooming out.

: An abridged version of the familiar National Geographic theme composed by Elmer Bernstein. Light whooshes are somewhat audible.

Availability: Uncommon. National Geographic videos were distributed by Vestron Video during this period and usually turn up after the Vestron logo; one example is National Geographic Video: Iceland River Challange. International releases this may or may not have this logo. Australian videos distributed through Time Life do not have this logo.

Editor's Note
: None.

2nd Logo

<img align="right" alt="National Geographic Video" height="222" src="" title="National Geographic Video" width="276"/>
Logo: Same as theNational Geographic Television, except "VIDEO" appears below the line instead.

FX/SFX: See National Geographic Television

: Same as the 1st logo, though it's also reorchestrated on other releases. At the beginning an announcer may say "...and now our feature presentation." At the end it may be silent.

Availability: Uncommon; seen on some VHS and DVD distributed by Columbia TriStar Home Video or Warner Home Video, such as Tigers of the Snow. Can be seen on the VHS of Really Wild Animals.

Editor's Note: None.

3rd Logo

<img align="right" alt="National Geographic Video 1999" height="251" src="" title="National Geographic Video 1999" width="331"/>
Logo: On a black background, we see the National Geographic logo, the camera moves back until the logo faces it. The logo shines. We see the text saying "NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC".

FX/SFX: The camera moving, the shining

: On the feature presentation version, the "FEATURE PRESENTATION" text appears under the National Geographic text.

Music/Sounds: Abridged version of the National Geographic theme.

Availability: Rare, seen on the VHS of Hindenburg's Fiery Secret.

Editor's Note
: None.