Most Famous Logos

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Warner Bros. Pictures (1972)[[Walt Disney Pictures|210px|Walt Disney Pictures - 1990]]Columbia Pictures (1994)[[TriStar Pictures|207px|TriStar Pictures (1993- )]]Paramount 1988
20th Century Fox (1944)MGM (2009)Universal PresentsWorldvision Enterprises, Inc. (1991)Lions Gate Films (1998-1999)
RKO Radio Pictures (Color)
Vestron VideoGold Key Entertainment (1979, B)United Artists (1986)Embassy Television (1985)
Regency Television (1999)Touchstone Television (1986)Hanna Barbera Productions (1979)Ruby-Spears (1983)
Turner Entertainment (1989)Nelvana 1996DIC (1990)Castlerock Television (1998)KingWorld (1983, D)ABC PresentationAn NBC Special (1979)CBS Productions (1997)
Four Star (1985)