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Logo descriptions by James Fabiano, Matt Williams, Adam P., LJK193, and Stephen Cezar
Logo captures by
Eric S., snelfu, Shadeed A. Kelly, EnormousRat, V of Doom, and mr3urious
Editions by
Shadeed A. Kelly, V of Doom, and Stephen Cezar

Background: This incarnation of Marvel was founded in 1993 after the Marvel Entertainment Group formed a joint venture with New World. In that same year, New World, which formerly owned Marvel, consolidated Marvel's former animation studio, Marvel Productions, into New World Animation. They would eventually produce animated adaptations of their properties. The studio would still continue to be active after the New World sale to Fox, as it operated under Saban Entertainment to produce more animated adaptations of Marvel franchises. After the sale of Fox Family Worldwide to Disney, Marvel Films Animation ended their partnership with Saban Entertainment. In 2004, Marvel struck a deal with Lionsgate to produce direct-to-video animated movies under the name of Marvel Animated Features. In 2008, Marvel Animation was reestablished to focus on Marvel's efforts in animation.

1st Logo
(October 31, 1992-January 31, 1998)

Nickname: "The Action Burst"

Logo: On a black/gray gradient background, the former Marvel Comics logo, along with a blue burst next to it with the stacked words, "MARVEL
<img align="right" alt="Marvel Entertainment Group (1991)" height="165" src="" title="Marvel Entertainment Group (1991)" width="219"/>ENTERTAINMENT GROUP" inside of it, is seen.

Variant: Later on, the copyright stamp appears on the bottom left of the logo.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the show, usually.

Availability: Most 1992-1997 Marvel shows have it, but X-Men's logo on non-DVD prints has been updated with the 5th logo. Last seen on Spider-Man: The Animated Series and Iron Man on Disney XD. The logo is intact on BVHE DVDs of X-Men and The Incredible Hulk.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo
(October 31, 1992-January 31, 1998)
<img align="bottom" alt="Marvel Films (1994)" height="150" src="" title="Marvel Films (1994)" width="200"/><img align="bottom" alt="Marvel Films (1996)" height="150" src="" title="Marvel Films (1996)" width="200"/><img align="bottom" alt="Quality Media from Eric S." height="150" src="" title="Quality Media from Eric S." width="200"/><img align="bottom" alt="Marvel Films (1995)" height="150" src="" title="Marvel Films (1995)" width="200"/>

Nicknames: "The Marvel Filmstrip", "The Spider-Man Logo III (Spider-Man variant only)"

Logo: On a black background, in a white rectangle, a logo similar to the Marvel Comics logo is seen, but the "M" now has squares cut out on either side of it and "Films" written in red script across it. The dot of the "i" may shine with a "ping". The byline, "A Division of New World Entertainment" appears below.

Trivia: The Spidey logo was a motion graphic that was done by Michael Bayouth of Bayouth Productions.

  • Sometimes, a copyright stamp for Marvel Entertainment Group was seen below.
  • A different logo was used on Spider-Man: The Animated Series since the second season. It featured the "Marvel/M" combination tilting and zooming out to face us. In the "M", is an animation footage of Spider-Man on three squares each. Once the "M" reaches its position, it flashes and "Films" is written, in script. The background is a space BG and the New World byline and the copyright stamp appear below once the logo forms.

FX/SFX: Just the "pinging" for the regular, but the Spidey logo had the tilting and flash.

Music/Sounds: The end of the show's theme.

Availability: Most Marvel shows from this period kept this logo on Disney XD, such as Spider-Man: The Animated Series and Iron Man when the network last aired those shows. The Netflix prints of these shows plastered them with the 5th logo. This is kept intact on BVHE releases of
The Incredible Hulk.

Editor's Note: Nice animation for 1992. However, the tilting and flash on Spidey's logo look somehow fake.

3rd Logo
(September 21, 1997-May 16, 1998)
<img align="bottom" alt="Marvel Studios (1997)" height="165" src="" title="Marvel Studios (1997)" width="219"/><img align="bottom" alt="Marvel Entertainment (1998)" height="165" src="" title="Marvel Entertainment (1998)" width="219"/>

Nicknames: "The Marvel Globe", "Marvel Filmstrip II" "Marvel Studios: The Original"

Logo: In space, a globe of the Earth spins around. From the bottom of the screen, a red, bold "MARVEL" zooms up, and from the top, the Marvel "M" made out the same way
as the Marvel Films logo but with nothing written across it, zooms towards the bottom. When they both reach their respective points, both logo flashes, and the words "ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, INC." appear under the Marvel logo, and the word "Studios" appears on the Marvel "M". After the flash, the countries on the globe are now filled in with pictures of the Marvel Comics characters.

Variant: On Silver Surfer, the text "Based on the Marvel Comics Characters" appears below this logo.

FX/SFX: The spinning globe, the flying words, and flashing logos.

Music/Sounds: The end of the show's theme.

Availability: Rare. It was only seen on two Marvel shows: Silver Surfer on Fox Kids, and the second season of The Incredible Hulk (a.k.a. The Incredible Hulk and She Hulk) on UPN. Therefore, it was only used for two years. Reruns of both these shows on Disney XD kept this, but Netflix prints plastered this with the 5th logo.

Editor's Note: None.

4th Logo
(October 2, 1999-May 17, 2004)
<img align="bottom" alt="Marvel Studios: 1999-2002" height="164" src="" title="Marvel Studios: 1999-2002" width="218"/><img align="bottom" alt="Marvel: 2001" height="164" src="" title="Marvel: 2001" width="218"/>

Nickname: "The Marvel Filmstrip III" "Marvel Studios: The Original II"

Logo: On a blue shiny background, we see a backlit Marvel "M", with nothing written across it. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a red "Studios", written in script, zooms out and plasters itself on top of the "M". As it plasters itself on top of the"M", the Marvel "M" shines and lights up, revealing the same granite-like finish in the previous two logos.

  • The logo would remain still on some shows.
  • On Mutant X, the logo appears to be stretched out by width.

FX/SFX: Nifty CGI.

Music/Sounds: A loud phaser-like sound. On X-Men: Evolution, it's the finishing of the end title theme.

Music/Sounds Variant: One version has a 5-note piano theme with the sound of wind blowing.

Availability: Rare. Could be seen on The Avengers: United They Stand and Spider-Man Unlimited when Fox ran them (as well as reruns on Disney XD), Mutant X, and was last seen on Disney XD broadcasts of X-Men (with Saban's "Twirly-Doo" logo) and the DVD releases of X-Men Evolution. Again, when they were on Netflix, the 5th logo plastered this.

Editor's Note: Although the loud phasing sound could get to some, the CGI in this logo is amazing and better compared to the previous logos.

th Logo
(2004- )
<img alt="Marvel: 2002" height="175" src="" title="Marvel: 2002" width="233"/><img alt="Marvel Animation" height="175" src="" title="Marvel Animation" width="311"/>

Nicknames: "The Flipbook", "The Zoom Out"

Logo: Same as the Marvel "Flipbook" logo, but "ANIMATION" appears underneath.

Early Variant: It is the standard Marvel logo of the time.

FX/SFX: Same as the Marvel "Flipbook" logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Marvel "Flipbook" logo.

Music/Sounds Variant:At least one episode of Spider-Man: The Animated Series has the music for the Saban and Fox Kids Worldwide logo, most likely due to a poor plastering attempt.

Availability: Seen on animated shows and movies produced by Marvel. It also plastered the previous logos on Netflix prints of older Marvel shows.

Editor's Note: None.