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Logo description by mr3urious

Background: Madacy Lifestyle Marketing (formerly known as Madacy Video, Madacy Entertainment and Madacy Home Video) is a Canadian-based company that releases public-domain DVDs and VHS, and music CDs that are often knock-off "sound-alike" records.

1st Logo
(Early 1990s)
<img align="right" alt="Madacy Home Entertainment - CLG Wiki" height="231" src="" title="Madacy Home Entertainment - CLG Wiki" width="300"/>
Logo: Against a dark blue marble BG with a smaller rectangle around it, the words "MADACY VIDEO" zoom out. "MADACY" is in a silvery serif font, and "VIDEO" is in a tall gold font in between two pairs of columns, and in between two red horizontal lines. The word "PRESENTS", in white italicized letters, flips out and stops below the whole thing.

FX/SFX: All CGI used here.

Music/Sounds: A very loud rock theme.

Availability: Seen on Madacy releases from the period.

Editor's Note: Due to its schizophrenic nature (the logo has a classy design, but the music sounds like hair metal), some people find this a funny logo.

2nd Logo

<img align="right" alt="Madacy Lifestyle Marketing - CLG Wiki" height="236" src="" title="Madacy Lifestyle Marketing - CLG Wiki" width="313"/>

: On a blue, red and rocky background, we see filmstrips as well as clips from classic films and a DVD. A black filmstrip with stripes then fades in on the bottom half of the DVD. From the top of the screen is a red "M" that places itself diagonally and in the middle of the DVD. Also from the bottom of the screen the words "MADACY ENTERTAINMENT" move in below the DVD. It all fades out and "PRESENTS" appears.

FX/SFX: All of the CGI in the logo as well as the fading in and out "Presents".

Music/Sounds: A synth theme with drums that sound eerily similar to "Word Up!" by Cameo.

Availability: Seen on Madacy VHS/DVD releases during 1998.

3rd Logo:
(1999-Early 2000s)

<img align="right" alt="Madacy Lifestyle Marketing - CLG Wiki" height="230" src="" title="Madacy Lifestyle Marketing - CLG Wiki" width="343"/>
Logo: On a black background we see parts of a DVD fly in from the right. Once the bottom half is finished the whole top half flies in. Then, in four parts, an "M" zooms out a us quickly. The disc zooms out while a black filmstrip moves in from the right of the disc and the words "MADACY ENTERTAINMENT" zoom out in white.

FX/SFX: The disc, the zooming of the "M" and the words appearing.

Music/Sounds: Several laser sounds, ending in a low synth note.

Availability: Seen on Madacy releases during 1999.

4th Logo
(Early-Late 2000s)
<img align="bottom" alt="Madacy Home Video (Late 1990s-????)" height="225" src="" title="Madacy Home Video (Late 1990s-????)" width="300"/><img align="bottom" alt="Madacy Home Video/Entertainment - CLG Wiki" height="226" src="" title="Madacy Home Video/Entertainment - CLG Wiki" width="298"/>

Logo: We see an observatory near a lake in a nighttime environment. Suddenly, a light sweeps underneath it, and the observatory swings around to the sky. We then cut to the lens of the telescope to reveal an "M" hand drawn mostly inside a light blue circle, which slides in from the left and comes in initially out of focus before clearing up. Underneath is the word "MADACY" (in big white letters) and "HOME VIDEO" (in light blue). The logo then fades out and "Presents" replaces it.

FX/SFX: The CGI observatory.

Music/Sounds: A laser sound, followed by a synth theme.

Availability: Seen on releases from the company during the period.