Lumiton (Argentina)

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Logo descriptions by naxo-olé, AnimeTVLogos and CokeFan12
Logo captures by naxo-olé and Raro VHS

Background: Lumiton was the first Argentinian film company, founded in 1931. During the 1940's, the Argentinian Cinema Golden Age, this company became the most important. Lumiton closed in 1952 due to political and economic problems.



Nicknames: "The Original Gongman", "Rank (General Film) Wasn't The 1st Gongman", "Gongman from Hell", "Scratchy Gongman", "Argentina Gongman".

Logo: In a darkly-lit room, we see a shirtless man with a mallet, moving to hit a gong in a slow motion. When the man hits the gong, "Lumiton Presenta" in a signature font with a very wide glamour "L", with presenta in a modern font under the logo, appears in white.

FX/SFX: The text appearing.

Music/Sounds: An excerpt from Beethoven's
Leonore Overture No. 3 opus 72b, and the gong.

Availability: In some Argentinian movies of the 1930's and 1940's like La muchachada de a bordo, Los muchachos de antes no usaban gomina, <a href="" target="_self">Ven... mi corazón te llama</a>, La rubia del camino, El fabricante de estrellas, <a href="" target="_self">El cañonero de Gilés</a>, <a href="" target="_self">Casamiento en Buenos Aires</a>, Luna de miel en Río, <a href="" target="_self">Divorcio en Montevideo</a>, <a href="" target="_self">Historia de crímenes</a>, <a href="" target="_self">Mi amor eres tú</a>and<a href="" target="_self">Los verdes paraísos</a>which can be seen on YouTube.

Editor's Note: The atmosphere is considerably dark (given the footage is in black and white), and the sounds of the gong and music may unnerve many viewers. Not to mention it has a live action shirtless man (a la Caution Video), whose very slow movement to hit the gong can produce a very eerie effect to some viewers.