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Here is the full list of logos that are very loud, not recommended for those who are prone to tinnitus and are required to lower the volume. Feel free to add more to the list. At this moment, there are 14 companies with 16 logos:

-3-G Home Video: 2nd logo
-Colombiana de Television: 1st logo
-Hal Roach Studios: 3rd logo
-Horror Factory
-KWSU: 1st logo
-MGM DVD: 1st logo
-Nexoft: 1st logo
-Nintendo: 3rd logo*
-The Program Exchange: 1st logo
-THX: 2nd trailer, VHS/LaserDisc/Video CD/UK VHS variants, & 19th trailer
-UAV Corporation: 2nd & 3rd logos

*Uses the same animation as the 1st Nexoft logo.
**Uses same music as the Serama Flim Corporation logo.