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The Jerky Boys: The Movie (1995): The logo plays as normal, but towards the end, an off-screen voice says, "Hey, silly a**, (whistles), Yo, I'm talking to you, where the hell do you think you're going, Buddy?" Then another voice says, "Come back, Shane".

Metro (1997): The logo plays as usual, but when it finishes, the logo separates into blue stripes and the stripes move off the screen and transition into a black background, starting the movie.

Inspector Gadget (1999): This is the last film to use this logo, but with the closing theme. The logo began as it normally would, but the "Man in Hat" paused halfway through, put down his bag, and summoned the film's Gadget Helicopter Hat from his fedora. Taking the handlebars in his hands, he flew off into the distance.