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Step into Liquid (2003):
The logo is in shadow mode as it fades and zooms in on a beach scene with Dana Brown walking on the beach. Only on the official trailer.


House of the Dead (2003):
There is a black & white scene of a ship sailing inside of a zooming rectangular box. As the box zooms in, the Artisan logo fades in and the outline of the zooming box turns red to meet in the center of the Artisan logo. The scene turns red and the logo turns bloody red as the letters "A", "R", "I", and "N" start to shed blood. Only on the full movie trailer.

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004):
The logo flashes in on the lower left-hand corner. Then it appears up-close with 75% of the logo intact and 25% of the logo cut off and returns fully centered as it flashes out a second later. Only on the trailer.