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Compiled by RasterOfMandomness, BenIsRandom, TrickyMario7654, NightmareEnterprises, edc4, FanCentralNetwork, Minecraft_Logan, Logophile, and rjsmith09

The "Everything Wrong with" YouTube series (aka CinemaSins) is a Youtube series devoted to pointing out what it sounds like, everything wrong in one given movie. Not even the studio logos are above it, and are frequently sinned as if they were actual plot problems with the film. Jeremy in general hates multiple logos, and will automatically give one sin if the length of them all combined exceeds 30 seconds. This page will list any sin or multiple he gave for one specific logo's element, though not all are present on this list currently. It will not include every instance of the "____ seconds" sin (unless he adds an additional comment to it), and one he repeats like the mere presence of a DC Comics logo or a Comcast byline will only be listed for the first video they appear on.

The Dark Knight (2012): The first of many times one sin was given for the mere presence of a DC Entertainment logo with no explanation beyond "DC Comics. *ding*. (Allegedly, it's mocking the fact that the "C" in the company name already stood for "Comics", thus making the whole second word redundant.) This would go on to be done not just every time one of their logos or in-credit notices showed up but also every time one of their properties were mentioned in the film.

Mortal Kombat (2013): One sin for the New Line Cinema logo with no explanation beyond "Ha ha, New Line Cinema!".

Green Lantern (2013): In addition to the "DC Comics" sin, a second is given for the fact that this film's particular version of the logo inexplicably dropped the word "Comics".

Men in Black 3 (2013): In addition to the "seconds" sin, a second for the Columbia Pictures logo for the fact that the Torch Lady is not holding a neuralizer, "so she can erase the audience's memory that they paid to see this movie".

X2: X-Men United (2013): "DC Comics" sin given...for the Marvel Studios logo.

Kick-Ass (2013): One sin for the Marv Films logo, the explanation just being guessing who "Marv" refers to.

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (2013): One sin for MTV Films logo with no explanation beyond "MTV Films". A second for the Scooter Braun Films logo, as Scooter Braun himself is not a filmmaker, rather Bieber's producer who got a producing credit for the one movie. As a result, Jeremy concludes the company should have just been called "Scooter Braun FILM". (hilarious in hindsight, as they did indeed make a second film...the infamous 2015 Jem and the Holograms) Another sin is given to the length of all the logos at the beginning of the film (Paramount Pictures, Insurge Pictures, MTV Films, Scooter Braun Films, Island Records) which tallies up to 53 seconds.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2014): One sin for the film's Paramount variation (the Paramountain, in traditional Indiana Jones fashion, fading into something else, a mountain for this one's case.) The explanation is just a blunt explanation of the joke (...mountains into molehills).

Oblivion (2014): The 2012 Universal logo is sinned for the presence of Comcast in the byline. This would also go on to be repeated for every film sinned that has the logo.

Moulin Rouge! (2014): The film's 20th Century Fox variation (the logo is unveiled by an opening curtain and a man is shown conducting the fanfare) is given two sins. The first is before the logo even starts and only the closed curtain is seen, to which Jeremy states "Am I about to watch a play? Because I hate plays.". The second is for the conductor himself and his over-the-top actions, which leads to the statement that "[he], like everyone else in the movie, thinks enthusiasm is all that matters.".

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2014): Two sins for the Dreamworks/Paramount combo variant (both have robotic sounds corresponding to the imagery). The first is for the sounds, which Jeremy states are the result of Michael Bay having spammed Final Cut effects on even the logos. The second is for the mere presence of two studios, which Jeremy cites as being a result of Bay's ego.

Fantastic Four (2014): Marvel Studios logo is sinned again, this time for the general rapid-image-flashing animation of it being harmful to epileptics.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014): In this episode, which was done by Screen Junkies of Honest Trailers fame rather than the normal crew, Jon Baily sins the Sony logo for no explanation beyond "Sony.".

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014): The newer Marvel Studios logo is sinned for still being epileptic.

Child's Play (2014): One sin is given for the MGM/UA Communications Co. logo, explanation being "Ah, the proud studio with a legacy that includes Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz now presents... a wise-cracking murdering doll movie.".

A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984 (2014): The very first New Line Cinema logo is sinned for being so epileptic that Jeremy actually apologizes to the Marvel logos, who then proclaims New Line as the "original king of seizure inducing logos".

Oculus (2014): WWE Studios is yet another company sinned for no reason beyond its own name.

V for Vendetta (2014): The particular DC Comics logo this film has is given a second sin, as (mistaking the crows the logo dissolves into to be bats), it is found to be too glaring a reminder the company made Batman.

Battle Royale (2014): Toei is sinned because Jeremy can't tell if it's a logo or part of the credits, as he can't read the name or even figure out what language it's in.

Malificent (2014): The Disney variation where the castle is replaced with that of the titular character's is sinned, as Disney either "moved or stole someone else's residence".

Also, many sins have been given to Disney logo combos, primarily Disney/Pixar combos and Disney/Disney Animation Studios combos.

Basic Instinct (2015): The TriStar and Carolco logos as well as the opening credits get sped-through with Jeremy commenting the length of all these is a turn-off.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 (2015): One sin is given for Paramount, explanation being "From the studio that brought you all of those f*****' Transformers movies!". Another sin is given to Nickelodeon Movies for no reason beyond its own name.

Cinderella (2015): One sin given for RKO Pictures, with Jeremy stating several things wrong with it, but mainly "Radio Pictures".

Monsters Inc. (2015): Because the film starts of with the short 2006 Disney logo and a shortened Pixar logo only lasting about ten seconds combined, Jeremy takes off a sin right away. The Disney logo shown is obviously a plaster of the 1995 Walt Disney "Pixar Castle" logo, which ironically, ran for longer than the shortened logo that plasters it.

How to Train Your Dragon (2015): Jeremy questions how the boy the DreamWorks Animation logo is able to sit on a crescent moon wonders what happened to the rest of it and if the Earth is dead yet. He then gives it another sin, saying that "Spielberg out-Disneys Disney by five seconds for a massive 32-second logo."

The Lion King (2015): Despite the 2006 Walt Disney Pictures being the only logo on the film, Jeremy still sins it, commenting "thirty-three-second Disney logo in the 90's makes me thankful this isn't a Pixar joint as well". It should be noted that Jeremy erroneously says that the Disney logo seen is from the "1990's", not realizing that it was a plaster of the logo used from 1985-2006 which wasn't as long as the current logo.

Furious 7 (2016): One sin is given for the Original Film logo for continue to be a bit of "Hilarious Irony".

Kung Fu Panda 2 (2016): One sin is given to the film's DreamWorks Animation logo variation. Jeremy appreciates the DreamWorks logo, but since Oogway is on the moon, he thinks that the DreamWorks fisher boy is dead, since Oogway died.

Alien (2016): Jeremy sins the 1953 20th Century Fox logo, saying "Old-timey Fox logo and music does not prepare you for one of the best sci-fi/horror movies of all-time". He then quickly takes off five sins, stating how good the film really is.

Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016): The film's DreamWorks Animation logo variation is sinned for lasting so long due to it involving the series-wide running gag of Po running up stairs. Jeremy states, "Movie tricks me into thinking it's started when, in fact, it's just another logo. And because of this... (*DING*) One minute and five seconds of damn logos. (*DING*)"

Pitch Perfect 2 (2016): Jeremy makes a sin for the film's Universal logo variation, because it's "so hard to believe people are acting happy around a company owned by Comcast".

Sherlock Holmes (2016): One sin goes to Silver Pictures for its logo being ballsy about not revealing the company's name.

A Bug's Life (2016): Jeremy sins the Pixar variant of the Walt Disney Pictures logo, saying "Disney uses the same logo intro they used for Toy Story [and any other older Pixar films], giving me a nostalgia boner for a much better movie". When CinemaSins usually cover older Disney/Pixar productions, the release they obtain tends to plaster this with the 2006 logo, which is probably why Jeremy made the aforementioned comment.

Citizen Kane (2016): Jeremy sins the RKO Pictures logo twice, feeling that "somehow a 1941 logo, at 13 seconds, makes it feel like an hour", before then asking "what exactly is a "radio picture"? Just asking".

Shrek (2016): Jeremy sins the DreamWorks logo variation where the two Ss become like those in the Shrek logo, saying "There are two Ks, two Es, and two Rs in this logo, but they don't get any special treatment. This logo is racist against, like, 80% of the qualified alphabet!"

Toy Story 3 (2016): In addition to the "____ seconds" sin, Jeremy adds that it's basically Disney and Pixar 69ing each other.

The Secret Life of Pets (2017): In addition to the Comcast sin on the Universal Studios logo, Two sins were given to the Illumination Entertainment logo. The first being Jeremy saying "There will come a day, young people, that you will look upon these Minions like Ewoks, And you will rue the day you made them popular." The second sin when Bob in the Illumination logo, Jeremy says, "Irritatioooon! Irratioooon!" In a way how Bob says the company's name.

Underworld Awakening (2017): Referring to the Sketch Films logo, Jeremy says "Fourth Underworld movie picks up a third logo, because the studio saw the first three Underworlds and said, "How could we pass up our shot at a piece of a movie history?!"."

Sing (2017): Jeremy sins Illumination for trying to distract him with their tiny little cash cows (the Minions).

Despicable Me (2017): Jeremy adds a sin for the Illumination logo as it's the minion assault we have to endure until the end of time.

Despicable Me 2 (2017): In addition to the Comcast sin on the Universal Pictures logo, Jeremy sins the Illumination logo, stating "If you think having 14 seconds of unnecessary Minioning just for a f****** logo is annoying, well then, you should immediately drug yourself before watching the actual movie".

Planet of the Apes 1968 (2017): Jeremy sins the 1953 20th Century Fox logo, stating that "even in 1968 the Fox logo took 15 goddamn seconds, proving this logo s*it is a long-standing Hollywood tradition of bullying audiences".

Beauty and the Beast 2017 (2017): Jeremy sins the film's custom variation of the Walt Disney Pictures logo, saying "Ah, just what we needed... a gritty, neo-realistic reboot of the f****** Disney logo".

Shrek 2 (2017): Jeremy yells at the boy in the DreamWorks Animation logo to go to school. He then assumes that the premise for Disney/Pixar's Up was inspired by the logo.

Blade Runner (2017): Jeremy sins The Ladd Company logo, jokingly saying "1982 logos that load on an early Apple computer screen".

Despicable Me 3 (2017): In addition to the Comcast sin for the Universal Pictures logo, Jeremy hands out 15 sins to the Illumination logo. Five of them are for "introducing the first fart joke in under a minute of the film's runtime in an already annoying logo", with an additional ten because of "the rulebook stating that if a joke of this nature occurs in under a minute, then a movie shall be levied a fart tax of ten more sins".

Deathwish 1974 (2018): Jeremy is surprised by the fact that the only logo seen is the 1968 Paramount Pictures logo, lasting just eleven seconds. Despite this, he still gives out a sin because of how "pissed off" he was by the lack of logos at the start of films back in 1974.

Gnomeo & Juliet (2018): Jeremy indirectly sins both the Touchstone Pictures and the Rocket Pictures logos, saying "Seriously, this move opens with a soundless Touchstone Pictures logo, THEN after the 2nd logo [Rocket Pictures] features 8 straight seconds of black", before remarking on how "This sucker is actively TRYING to make me think something's wrong with the Blu Ray".

Unfriended (2018): Jeremy gives two sins to the film's custom variation of the Universal Pictures logo. First, he jokingly says "With the constant buffering of this logo, it's no surprise that this movie was brought to us by Comcast". Second, he asks "Also, what exactly is this supposed to be aping? Dial-up internet issues? In 2014?".

Minions (2018): Asides from the Comcast sin given by Jeremy, he also gives out two sins to the film's Universal Pictures logo variation. Firstly, because of "the Minion Dorkestra kicks off wall-to-wall movie minsanity" and how "the film couldn't wait five seconds before they start Minioning?". Secondly, he goes on about how the logo "is what terrified parents were worried about suffering through for 90 minutes" and that Illumination were "very nice of making it clear from the beginning those fears were justified".

Shrek the Third (2018): The DreamWorks Animation logo is sinned twice. First, Jeremy criticizes the boy for riding balloons to the moon to fish for "cloud trout" and points out that the dark part of the moon is supposed to be solid. He then accuses DreamWorks of ripping off Pixar's Up for their logo, only to realize that Up came out two years after this movie, but brushes it off as DreamWorks desperately wanting to be Pixar.

Christopher Robin (2019): Jeremy sins the film's custom variation of the Walt Disney Pictures logo, who mocks them by saying "Leave it to Disney to Pooh-Pooh their own logo".

The Crow (2019): Jeremy sins the 2011 Miramax logo for no reason beyond it's name.

Dumbo 1941 (2019): Jeremy sins the RKO Pictures logo, simply stating "Radio".

Con Air (2019): The Jerry Bruckheimer Films logo is sinned, Jeremy citing that "the logo's weird" and "of all the big-budget, effect-driven movies Jerry Bruckheimer's produced, Twister ain't one of 'em".

Lilo & Stitch (2019): Relived that Disney didn't create a custom variation of the Walt Disney Pictures logo for the film, Jeremy shortly sees that there was one created for the film, and promptly sins the logo.

Aladdin 1992 (2019): Jeremy sins the 2006 Walt Disney Pictures logo (which plastered the film's original 1985 logo), saying that "even back in the mid-90's, Disney's logo was sucking its own spire".

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (2019): Jeremy criticizes Bugs Bunny's appearance in the Warner Bros. Family Entertainment logo, saying "Because this is what you think about when watching Batman". He then imagines a scenario in which Bugs was eating people and that Batman solved the case when he found traces of beta carotene in the bite wounds ("Frank Miller was a dark motherf***er").

Captain Marvel (2019): Jeremy takes off four sins for the touching Stan Lee tribute in the Marvel Studios logo. However, he then explains why he doesn't like opening logos: "Imagine buying the new Taylor Swift album, but before you can hear 'Me-e-eeeee', you have to first listen to 20 seconds of a Universal Music Group audio jingle. It would be probably rockin' and full of tight harmonies, but it would still forever be 20 seconds of noise standing between you and your music."