Lacewood Productions (Canada)

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Logo description by mr3urious
Logo captures by
Eric S. and Mr. Logo Lord
Editions by mr3urious and V of Doom
Video capture courtesy of Eric S.

(December 20, 1988-October 7, 1998)
Lacewood Productions (1988)Lacewood Productions (1990)Lacewood ProductionsLacewood Productions (1994)Lacewood Productions Presents
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Logo: On a black background, the words "Lacewood", in yellow, zoom-out from the top, along with "PRODUCTIONS", in yellowish green and in spaced out letters, from the bottom of the screen. As they meet in the center, a line flashes in between.

  • Depending on the show or special, the logo can be seen a bit smaller or bigger.
  • Later in the 1990s, the words "Lacewood" are in blue and "PRODUCTIONS" in yellow.
  • At the beginning of some specials, the logo is shown superimposed in white, with "PRESENTS" in-spaced out letters, below.
FX/SFX: The zooming and flashing, or none.

Music/Sounds: The opening or closing theme of the show or special, or none.

: Rare. Seen intact on 1990s FHE video releases of kids' specials produced by this company, such as Bluetoes, the Christmas Elf,
The Railway Dragon, The Nutcracker Prince, The Teddy Bears' Christmas, and the For Better of for Worse specials among others, and also, on some shows such as Problem Child (Season 2 episodes), Monster Force, Savage Dragon (Season 1 episodes) and Flash Gordon among others.

Scare Factor
: None.