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Logo description by HoHoHomer and AsdfTheRevival
Logo captures by V of Doom

Video capture courtesy of EnormousRat
Editions by V of Doom and Shadeed A. Kelly

Background: Jetix Animation Concepts was an animated production sub-arm of Walt Disney Television Animation established in 2004 to produce and distribute pre-teen/teen-oriented animated shows. The company vanished after the American Jetix on Toon Disney was shut down and replaced by Disney XD afterwards; other international Jetix blocks stuck around until the Romanian Jetix Play channel was shut down in 2011.

(September 1
, 2004-April 18, 2009)
Jetix/France3/Teletoon Logo ComboJetix Animation Concepts (2004-)Jetix Animation Studios (2004)JetixJetix (2004)
Savi The World Productions/ Jetix (2005)
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Nicknames: "The Blue Static Line", "Jetix Cat", "Flying Jetix" (for the variant)

Logo: We see a blue bolt of electricity crackling around the Jetix mascot (a small, silver cat-like animal with one eye). The blue bolt leaves and the Jetix mascot blinks it's eye. Beneath it is the text:


  • On Season 1 ofA.T.O.M. and W.I.T.C.H, the phrase "In Association With" is above the logo.
  • On Pucca, the copyright information fades in below it.
  • Sometimes, the cat flies around the screen, then "JETIX" zooms in and the cat lands on it. On Season 2 of A.T.O.M. and Combo Ninos (both of which have never aired in the United States), this variant is on a blue background.
  • On some season one and season two episodes of W.I.T.C.H, the cat just drops on the words from the top of the screen instead of flying around the screen. This variant debuted on the said show's episode "Return of the Tracker".
  • The logo was seen on Action Man: A.T.O.M. game for PS2. It was still on black screen and had no other words but JETIX. This still version also appears on UK Maximum Entertainment/Best Sellers DVD and VHS releases of Jetix/Fox Kids shows, sometimes paired with the Fox Kids logo. Another game is known to use the white-background logo.
  • On The Tofus, the logo was seen alongside on a white background with the 2002-2008 France3 logo and the 1998-2007 Teletoon logo. Once the end theme of the aforementioned show is finished playing, the three logos fade out for the SIP Animation logo to animate.
  • There is an animated in-credit version of the cat flying around the screen on a white background on Oban Star-Racers.

: The blue static line, the cat blinking.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show. On Yin Yang Yo! and SRMTHFG!, it has the sound of electricity crackling and the sound of metal clanking when the cat blinks. And on Dragon Booster, Digimon Data Squad, and W.I.T.C.H, two thudding sounds (sometimes one) can be heard when the cat lands on the logo, with a voice-over shouting "JETIX!".

Availability: It was seen on various pre-teen/teen-oriented animated shows that aired on Jetix, such as Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force GO!, A.T.O.M., Get Ed, Dragon Booster, Yin Yang Yo!, and Pucca, among others. Also seen on licensed games. Last seen on Digimon Data Squad on Kabillion Video on Demand Services. Don't expect to find it on Yin Yang Yo! on iTunes, because it is plastered over with the Disney XD Originals logo. Strangely on some international prints of Eek! Stravaganza, the flying variant plasters over the Fox Children's Productions logo.

Editor's Note: Although the animation, sounds, and the cat starring straight at you may get to some, some people may find the cat rather cute. Plus, the cat in the original version is slightly weird because its eye was near the outline of the ear.