Ismail Production (Pakistan)

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Nicknames: "Horse From Hell", "The Thunderstorm Horse", "Rotating Horse Statue With Thunderstorm", "Ramsay Films of Pakistan"

Logo: We see a dark sky with yellow clouds, with a thunderstorm. Then, on a black background, we see a strange blueish structure. (looks like a space background) turning to the right to see barely a statue of a white horse on a pedestal and two yellow circles in the top of it. It zooms out and rotates rapidly to see clearly which happened earlier, the text "ISMAIL" in the top and "PRODUCTION" in the bottom, all blue and with their first letters being red and some Urdu script in the two circles.

  • On Dhi Rani, the logo is more red-tinted most possibly due to film deterioration.
  • On Duniya, there is a shorter version in which the thunderstorm is omitted.

: The thunderstorm, the statue turning and the lights.

: A loud rumble, and two extremely loud thunderclaps (which are from the BBC sound effect library; the same thunder heard in the
Southern Star/Hanna-Barbera AustraliaandLightning Video logos) at the beginning and a discordant stock piece plays throughout the logo.

Music/Sounds Variants:
  • On Dhi Rani, the stock thunderbolt sound effect is replaced with a spooky sounding tune followed by rumbles.
  • On Duniya, we only hear the loud rumble and the thunderclaps.

Availability: Seen on <a href="" target="_self">Duniya</a>, <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Dhi Rani</a> and <a href="" target="_self">Athra Puttar</a>(where the logo was seen for the first time).

Editor's Note:
The darkness, rapid pace, in addition of the thunderstorm and the loud thunder and inharmonious music would definitely scare a lot of people.