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Background: Intervision was one of the earliest VHS labels in the UK. Managed by Mike Tenner and Richard Cooper, the company distributed major film releases (namely those from United Artists) and distributed releases by Alpha Video and Inter-Light Video. The company eventually went under in 1984, following the rise of major VHS distributors in the UK.


Logo: On a brown BG, we zoom out and see several yellow V's with little dots on top merging in the center, with one V in the center. After the V's are done merging, the ends stretch out and wipe in the words "inter" and "vision" on the sides, both written in a '50s-looking font. The V also splits in two as this happens.

FX/SFX: Very cheap, but effective animation.

Music/Sounds: An edited version of <a href="" target="_self">"Daytripper" by Alan Hawkshaw and Brian Bennett.</a> Two slightly different variations of this music were used, both from the same song. The first version is in the middle, while the second is on the right.

Availability: Rare. Intervision were quite a prominent distributor in the UK pre-cert era. This logo can be seen on their releases of Carrie, Dawn of the Dead and Shivers, among several others. Oddly enough, it appeared on an American video release of Assignment Terror aka Dracula Vs. Frankenstein put out by UAV. Intervision also released some of their catalog in Australia via importing the exact same UK releases, so this logo (along with the Alpha Video logo) may be seen in that country too.

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