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Logo description by RedheadXilamGuy, and LARDLOGORETURNS
Logo captures by RedheadXilamGuy
Video captures courtesy of RedheadXilamGuy

Background: Intel Play was a line of toy electronic devices designed for children, jointly made by Intel and Mattel. The line was discontinued on March 29, 2002 when the brand was bought by Tim Hall's Prime Entertainment.

(February 14, 2000-March 29, 2002)

Intel Play<embed height="204" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="247" wmode="transparent"/><iframe frameborder="0" height="207" src="" width="368"></iframe>

Nickname: "Intel for Kids", "pLay Face"

Logo: On a dark background illuminated by a blue light, we see the then current Intel logo on the center left of the screen. Dark green motherboard lines surround the logo and form the word "pLay" with a semicircle shape underneath the "L". The pLay logo is intended to look like a face. Electricity flows through the lines from right to left and the intel logo shines. The electricity flows into the "pLay" logo as the motherboard lines wipe out from left to right and the background turns into a blue-black gradient color. The "pLay" logo flashes and turns green while the semicircle turns orange and the lines disappear. The hole in the a "winks."

FX/SFX: The electricity flowing through the lines, the lines disappearing, the flash, the logo winking. Standard 2000's animation.

A re-arranged, more playful-sounding rendition of the Intel jingle followed by a twinkling sound as the a winks.

Availability: Only seen when booting up the Intel Play Microscope.

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