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Logo description and capture by Eric S.
Editions by Nathan B.
Video capture by Jordan Rios

Background: Infinifilm was a special brand name used on several New Line releases on DVD, which contained a special technology to notify the viewer of a special feature pertaining to a specific scene in the film they are watching. If selected, the DVD goes to the special feature in question (like a deleted scene or a behind-the scenes featurette) before returning back to where the film last was. The last release to feature this was The Number 23, and it was largely abandoned after New Line Cinema was absorbed into Warner Bros. Pictures; Blu-ray releases of Infinifilm titles rebranded these special features as "Focus Points".

(July 10, 2001-July 24, 2007)

: "The Filmbox", "Box and Filmstrips", "The Ladder", "New Line Filmbox", "Infinifilm Filmbox", “Go Beyond the Movie”

Logo: On a black background, a white light flashes, creating one white horizontal line and three blue curved lines. Each blue line waits a second before it appears. Then, they swirl into place as the line flips up to reveal it’s a stone square. Two filmstrips fly into place, forming the New Line logo. When everything is in place, the logo sends off a white flash, turning it completely blue. Underneath the logo, but not directly in the center, are the words “NEW LINE HOME ENTERTAINMENT”, which appear just before the flash goes away, at which point, “Infinifilm”, in two different fonts, fades in. Last, a blue laser sweeps out the words, “go beyond the movie...”, and then the logo fades out.

FX/SFX: The form of the New Line logo, the lines appearing and swirling, the slogan being swept in with a laser. All excellent animation.

Music/Sounds: The famous New Line fanfare, with three “gunshots” as the lines appear, a synth sweep as the logo forms, another “gunshot” as the logo flashes, and then, one last synth sweep for the laser wiping in “
gobeyondthe movie...”.

Availability: Seen on all DVDs released under this label like Final Destination 2, Elf, and Willard among others. It was also seen on the
2 disc Special Edition of the original A Nightmare on Elm Street. It debuted on their release of Thirteen Days and last appeared on their release of The Number 23. Some of these releases are still in print (though not necessarily with Infinifilm packaging). Check the bargain DVD section at your local general retailer or bookstore.

Editor's Note: The flash, "gunshots," and potentially unexpected difference from the standard New Line logo may be a bit startling at first, but it's nothing too out of the ordinary.