High to Nightmare Rated Logos

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-20th Century Fox Television
  • 3rd Logo: 1961-1966 Version
  • 4th Logo: 1965-1969 Version
-A.K.A. Cartoon (Canada): Boo-Haw Haw Variant
-Apple Films (UK): 1st Logo
-Atlas International (Germany): 1st and 2nd Logos
-Boje Buck (Germany): Original Variant
-Castle Home Video (UK): 3rd Logo
-CBC National IDs: CBC Of Doom Variant
-Cheri Sundae Productions: 1st Logo
-Cocinor (France): 3rd Logo
-Crown Movie Classics
-Dan Curtis Productions: 2nd Logo
-Dark Castle Entertainment
-DiC Entertainment: Choir Variant
-Do Re Creativa TV (Colombia)
-Slaughterhouse Entertainment
-THX (2nd Trailer VHS/Laserdisc variant and 18th trailer's normal variant)