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Compiled by MachineryNoise

Background: Gorgon Video is a sub label of MPI Home Video. It distributes B-grade horror movies on DVD and VHS. It was formed in the 1980's and is still around today.

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Nickname: "Flaming Medusa", "The Medusa from Hell"

Logo: The screen is covered in flames. We zoom out, and it turns out that the flames are in one of Medusa's eyes (you can either see through the back of her head, or they're just very reflective). Medusa blinks a few times, the snakes on her head wiggling away, before sticking her tongue out of her fanged mouth. We zoom out some more, and the words "GORGON VIDEO", in red and orange, zoom in. A purple plaque comes from behind Medusa's head, joining with the words and head. Medusa sticks out her tongue once again.

Trivia: Gorgon means a female creature. There were three Gorgons in the Greek Mythology, and Medusa was one of them.

FX/SFX: The whole thing looks to be early CGI, and its surprising that the whole thing holds up today.

Music/Sounds: Synthesized Gregorian chanting and flame sounds are heard throughout. There is a brief wind sound as the Medusa head zooms out, and a shining sound when she sticks out her tongue, as well as a light thud when the purple plaque joins with words and head.

Availability: Uncommon. It can be seen on DVD and VHS releases from the company, such as the Faces of Death series and the special edition 2009 VHS of The House of the Devil.

Editor's Note: None.