Golden Princess Amusement Co. LTD. (Hong Kong)

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Logo descriptions by Sagan Blob and Supermarty-o
Logo captures by Supermarty-o
Video capture courtesy of Sagan Blob Enterprises

Background: Golden Princess Amusement Co. LTD. was a short-lived subdivision of its parent company.


Golden Princess Amuement Co. LTD 1990?<embed allowfullscreen="true" height="186" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="223" wmode="transparent"/>

Logo: Over a starry space BG, a glowing yellow "GP" shaped object zooms towards us. Then the object stops zooming and dims its glowing, and the words "GOLDEN PRINCESS AMUSEMENT CO. LTD." with "PRESENTS" below zooms in below. Finally, the cantonese words in red zooms out while the starry space continues to sparkle.

FX/SFX: The glows, the zooming, and the sparkling starry space BG. Not as creative as it's parent logo.

Music/Sounds: Starts with a drumroll, followed by a loud horn fanfare.

Music/Sounds Trivia: The fanfare is actually a stock piece that was also used in Monty Python & the Quest for the Holy Grail (a 1996 adventure game by 7th Level, based on the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail) at when you finally get the Holy Grail.

Availability: Ultra rare. Seen on the Mei Ah DVD of The Raid, before the 3rd Cinema City Co. logo, and strangely seen at the end of Angel Hunter.

Editor's Note: None.