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Logo description and captures by Logophile

Background: GTG Entertainment, the company best known for producing the first season of Baywatch, operated two divisions: GTG East, which produced reality programming in the East Coast, and GTG West, which made the entertainment series in Los Angeles. GTG East is perhaps best known for their flop TV news magazine based on USA Today, which was produced entirely by GTG partner Gannett.

(September 12, 1988-January 7, 1990)

GTG East (1988)GTG East

: On a dark evening background of New York City, it suddenly dims as a 3-D silver "GTG" (in the same style as the GTG Entertainment logo) fades in underlined with "EAST" below it (all in 3-D). As the "GTG" fades in, the logo has TV static inside. Below is a copyright stamp for Gansat.

FX/SFX: The background dimming, the logo fading in with the static effect inside "GTG".

Music/Sounds: The closing theme to the program.

Availability: Extinct. Only seen on
USA Today: The Television Show (which would later on be renamed USA Today on TV, and finally, USA Today).

Editor's Note: None.