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Logo description and photo by NightmareEnterprises

Background:FlixMix was formed in 2000 as a division of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. The company was made to produce compilation and documentary DVDs of various clips from popular movies from Universal and other film studios. The company was shut down in Late 2004.

1st Logo

FlixMix (2001)

Logo:On a black background we see a filmstrip (with a count down on the filmstrip) moving towards us. The filmstrip forms a lowercase L with the letters (F, I, X, M, another I, and another X) forming the word, "FlixMix" (with purple behind the logo.) Orange text moves in from the left under the logo with lens flare forming "nothing but the good stuff" (with "good" being white.)

FX/SFX:The filmstrip moving, "FlixMix" forming, and "Nothing but the good stuff" moving from the left with the lens flare.

Music/Sounds:The sound of a filmstrip rolling with two beeps from the countdown. Followed by a whoosh sound when the "FlixMix" logo forms. Then a announcer says "FlixMix", then "nothing but the good stuff".

Availability:Seen on compilation DVDs released by the company.

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